Drew Barrymore Talked About A Guy F'ing With Her On A Dating App, Which Led To Her Blocking Him

    Sounds brutal out there...

    This week, Drew Barrymore and Chelsea Handler discussed dating apps on The Drew Barrymore Show.

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    Both Drew and Chelsea agreed that they don't date men who call themselves "entrepreneurs" because it's too vague and weird.

    Drew Barrymore and Ross Mathews

    They also agreed that they'd be willing to date someone who was allergic to dogs.

    Drew Barrymore, Ross Mathews, and Chelsea Handler

    After they listed some green and red flags, Drew shared a story about a man she met on a dating app.

    Closeup of Drew Barrymore

    Drew said, "On this dating app, a guy goes, 'I grew up above a cobbler shop, so the scent of leather is just so nostalgic, and every time I smell it, I'm brought back to my childhood.'"

    Closeup of Drew Barrymore

    "And I was like (jokingly), 'All right, well if I smell any leather today, I'll let ya know. What an interesting story.'"

    Closeup of Drew Barrymore

    "He [then] goes, 'Oh, I made it up.'"

    Closeup of Drew Barrymore

    "And that's when I went BLOCK."

    Closeup of Drew Barrymore

    "Why would someone make up an elaborate story about their childhood that wasn't true?" Drew said.

    Closeup of Drew Barrymore

    Honestly, who knows...so freakin' weird, right? You can watch Drew and Chelsea discuss more dating stories here.