In A Rare Moment, Harry Styles Opened Up About His Extra Nipples To Chelsea Handler

    "Yup, it's a thing..."

    Chelsea Handler sat down with Harry Styles for this Friday's upcoming episode of Chelsea where we learned quite a bit about the music-turned-movie star, including some details about his third and fourth nipples:

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    In the rapid-fire interview, Harry explained the complexities of the photosynthesis process:

    He revealed that he DOESN'T high-five Justin Timberlake over their mutual success of escaping boy bands:

    He explained the in-depth oral history of why he goes by "Harry" instead of "Harold":

    He told Chelsea what his favorite female name is:

    But most importantly, Harry opened up about his third and fourth nipples...

    ...And pointed to their exact locations on his body:

    We love you and all of your nipples, Harry. <3