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Lea Michele Says She'd Do A "Glee" Reboot Even Though It's Only Been Gone For Two Years

It's been off the air for a whopping 32 months!

Even though she was still playing Rachel Berry on Glee not even three years ago, Lea Michele revealed on Chelsea that she would do a reboot of the show "tomorrow:"

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With all the reboots rebooting to feed the nostalgia-hungry masses, Chelsea brought up the idea of a Glee reboot to Lea, who — at first — had the reaction you probably have right now:

But don't think that means Lea wouldn't instantly do the reboot! She quickly followed up her comment, telling Chelsea that she'd do it "tomorrow":

Her reasoning for jumping on a reboot for a show that just ended? Well, she's thinks Glee was something really special:

I mean, did she lie? I'll never forget <3

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