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After Al Pacino Announced He Was Expecting A Baby At Age 83, Chelsea Handler Dragged Old Male Celebs Who Keep Having Kids

"They cannot stop procreating. Robert De Niro just had his seventh child at the tender age of 79."

Chelsea Handler is seemingly not a fan of all the old male celebrities having babies.

In a new skit posted to her Instagram page, the 48-year-old comedian deadpanned, "There’s a new epidemic sweeping the country, and no, it’s not another virus, it’s worse. Horny old men who won’t stop spreading their seed."

“Don’t get me started on these four horny old men who have never met a broken condom they didn’t like," she said, alongside photos of Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Alec Baldwin, and Elon Musk. "They cannot stop procreating. Between the four of those guys, they have 32 children. Robert De Niro just had his seventh child at the tender age of 79."

“Elon Musk clearly isn’t as old as [Rupert] Murdoch or De Niro. He’s not in his 80s but because of his personality, he may as well be,” she added.

"So how do we protect the women of the world from horny old men? Don't worry, I have a plan to stop this madness. I'm offering to put myself up for auction for any available octogenarians. You can find me on eBay or Door Dash. And for 20% off, you can use the code 'Sugar Tits.'"

"Actually, maybe all these old men should put themselves up for auction. After all, they are antiques,” she added, alongside the slogan, "Horny old men: It's never worth the money."

Well then!