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    Yvonne Orji From "Insecure" Revealed She's Still A Virgin At 39 Years Old, And Here's How People Reacted

    "I love this for her."

    Yvonne Orji just spilled the tea — on herself.

    Close-up of Yvonne at a media event smiling

    The 39-year-old comedian and actor has been relatively open about her personal life, but some folks, like Chelsea Handler, are barely catching up.

    Close-up of Yvonne at a media event smiling

    A clip from a Sept. 7 episode of iHeartRadio's Dear Chelsea podcast has made the rounds of the internet, and everyone's learning a tiny detail about Yvonne's sex life, or lack thereof.

    Close-up of Chelsea on a talk show smiling

    You probably know Yvonne from her Emmy-nominated role as the sex-positive, tell-it-like-it-is lawyer Molly Carter on HBO's Insecure.

    Yvonne in a scene from Insecure

    But she also played Stacy in a few episodes of the aptly titled Jane the Virgin.

    Yvonne in a scene from Jane the Virgin

    She was the voice of Norville Rogers's girlfriend, Gigi, in Max's Velma. Coincidentally, this 14th incarnation of the Scooby-Doo franchise didn't call him Shaggy.

    The animated characters in Velma

    After these roles, two HBO comedy specials, and several hilarious movies, Yvonne let Chelsea in on a tiny surprise — to people who didn't pay close attention or read her book.

    Close-up of Yvonne in a knit shorts outfit and glasses

    This is how the interaction went down. About 15 minutes into the episode, Chelsea randomly asked, "Are you still a virgin?"

    Chelsea with headphones, asking the question

    Yvonne responded with a strong, "I am."

    Close-up of Yvonne on the podcast

    Then Chelsea lost it, shouting, "Oh my god! I love this. This is the most original guest we ever had on! And what are you, 39?"

    Close-up of Chelsea on the podcast reacting

    "I am," Yvonne responded again.

    Close-up of Yvonne on the podcast

    Chelsea finally said what people might be thinking: "That dam is going to break one day, baby. And let me tell you—"

    Close-up of Chelsea on the podcast reacting

    Then Yvonne joked that while people want to pray for her, she suggested they "pray for him" because whoever her partner is will have to deal with all of her pent-up sexual energy.

    Close-up of Yvonne on the podcast

    "You're going to hit your sexual peak when you start having sex, so yeah, you're going to need a couple of men, probably," Chelsea added.

    Close-up of Chelsea on the podcast

    "Yvonne went from being a virgin to polyamory," Yvonne joked.

    Close-up of Yvonne on the podcast

    The hilarious interaction may have happened a couple of months ago, but since it went viral, people, primarily women, are praising Yvonne for her choice:

    Comment: Wow that awesome says a lot about her and because she saved herself God is gonna keep blessing and when she do find the right one God is going to prosper her with a beautiful family
    Comment; Not y'all being mad cuz she kept her virginity just cuz y'all didn't or will not doesn't mean she can't
    Comment: RESPECT!
    Comment: This a flex idc what y'all say
    Comment: All these toys out here, she isn't missing a THING (with laughing emoji)
    Comment: I bet she a lot more happier and it's not wearing her down yall think sex is everth
    Comment: Smartest woman alive (with crying-laughing emoji) sis ain't missing out
    Comment: Normalize this
    Comment: I feel seen
    Comment: I'm happy for her, she's not missing anything honestly
    Comment: I love this for her (with applause emojis) People don't understand the value of saving yourself and look too much at the "religious" view of it when God is really trying to spare us from heartbreak and other people's demons

    Listen to the full episode of Dear Chelsea on all available platforms.