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Cannes Film Festival

7 Things You Need To Know About "Whitney"

BuzzFeed News talked to Whitney director Kevin Macdonald about what a difficult subject Whitney Houston was, her mercurial personal life, and how he unraveled the mystery of her previously unreported sexual abuse.

Guess Who's Back

Gather around, kids. You need to get yourselves acquainted with the real MVP of Cannes.

These New Movies Will Be Your Problematic Faves

The violent modeling fantasia of The Neon Demon, the lurid lesbian love story of The Handmaiden, and the rape-revenge character study of Elle are deftly made, headily stylish, and cracklingly clever. Nevertheless, they require a "but..."

Kristen Stewart's New Movie Got Booed At Cannes

Stewart's unconventional ghost story Personal Shopper isn't the disaster its Cannes reception might suggest. But gory debut Raw, which led some viewers to leave the theater, is a lot more fun.

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