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13 More Photos Of Deepika At Cannes And I Can't Promise If This Is The Last Batch

Plans of renaming us to "DeepikaFeed" are already in the works.

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Why I didn't post about ^outfits? Well, they simply didn't dazzle me.

1. But for her second red carpet appearance, Deepika delivered AF. So here we are looking at 13 more photos of her looking stunning in Cannes.

11. ... I didn't say that in my previous post but I did now because what am I if I don't say those three words every single time a rich celeb, with an expert team at her disposal, cleans up well.

13. Well, that's all from Day 2 of Deepika at Cannes. I can't give you my word on whether or not this is her last outing on the red carpet, so we'll play it by ear. Peace out.

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