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    Huma Qureshi And Kangana Ranaut Are Already Slaying It At Cannes And My Heart Is Shook

    Desi women really hit it out the park every time.

    Good evening, friends. It's that time of the year when we all look at the Cannes Film Festival and feel some desi pride because everyone looks beautiful.

    This year, an addition to that is Queen Kangana Ranaut who has donned a black Sabyasachi saree and just killed us all simultaneously.

    No really. This was my group chat when we saw the pictures.


    And, forreals, look at her soaking in her own beauty in the mirror. Is the Evil Queen going to want to conquer kingdoms after seeing this beauty? HELL NO.

    And, on the other hand, in a white Varun Bahl outfit is Huma Qureshi living all our French Riviera dreams.

    Both, she and Kangana, are here because of their brand association with Grey Goose.

    I could shut my eyes like her and hope I wake to be half as stylish, but I could never.

    The fish in the sea are shook. They have a new sea goddess.

    And for those wondering, Deepika is already on her way to Cannes, so there's already more of where this ethereal beauty came from.