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    Posted on Oct 16, 2017

    Find The Perfect Present With BuzzFeed's 2017 Holiday Gift Guides

    From clothing and accessories to books, LOL-worthy gifts, and more, we've got guides to help you find whatever you're looking for.

    Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    BuzzFeed is writing a lot of gift guides this holiday season, and we've rounded a ton of them up for you into this handy directory.

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    Gifts For Your Significant Other,,

    Whether you just started dating or you've been together for the long haul, your significant other deserves nothing but the best this holiday season.

    * Sweet gifts for people who aren't super romantic

    * Gifts that work for couples

    * Places to buy flowers online

    * Inexpensive gifts for a new boyfriend

    * Gifts for a new relationship

    * Corny ways to spoil your significant other

    * Things for the Friends fan you love

    Get the notepad from Amazon for $3.60, the date night kit from Uncommon Goods for $194, and the travel guide from Amazon for $17.54.

    Gifts For People on a Budget,,

    Looking to keep a bit more money in your pockets this holiday season? These ideas will ensure that your bank account doesn't suffer on behalf of your gift giving.

    * The best gifts under $20

    * Gifts that only look expensive

    * Affordable things from Amazon

    * Kitchen products under $15

    * Even more inexpensive kitchen items

    * Beauty dupes just as good as the expensive versions

    * Aww-worthy items that don't cost a lot

    * Things under $10 that don't look cheap.

    Get the decanter from World Market for $19.99, the ravioli maker from Amazon for $15.34, and the backscratcher from The Grommet for $12.95.

    Gifts for Food Lovers

    Home Decor Gifts,,

    There's no place like home — which is why these gift guides that will help spruce up anyone's living space are so perfect.

    * Gifts to take your home to the next level

    * Accessories for the bed of your dreams

    * Cheap places to buy home decor

    * Places to buy decor for kids

    * Comforters for the coziest bed ever

    * Decor every cat person needs

    * Magical decor for Harry Potter fans

    Get the trunks from Amazon for $99.99, the USB pillow from Amazon for $32.99, and the chair from Walmart for $76.

    Travel Gifts,,

    Whether you're taking to the skies, the rails, or the open road, travel can be a real hassle. With these gift guides, though, travel will seem like a breeze!

    * Things that will make it feel like you're in first class

    * Carry-on bags that people actually swear by

    * Travel products worth the suitcase space

    * Plane fashion that's actually comfortable

    * Gifts for anyone with wanderlust

    Get the sleep mask for $9.99+, the duffel bag for $29.99, and the packing cubes for $19.99, all from Amazon.

    Makeup and Beauty Gifts,,

    Looking your best can help you feel your best. These makeup and beauty gift guides are chock full of everything from lipstick to moisturizers that will give that little extra boost.

    * Inexpensive beauty brands you'll love

    * Cheap products that are better than the expensive versions

    * Geeky beauty products

    * Beauty tools worth splurging on

    * Products from Sephora with pretty packaging

    * Affordable skincare products

    * Beauty products under $10

    * Holy grail beauty products

    * Gifts from Birchbox

    * Things for Korean beauty lovers

    Get the palette from BH Cosmetics for $9.42, the Dr. Who bath bombs from FrakkingBombs on Etsy for $5, and the beauty blender from Amazon for $20.

    Fashion and Accessories Gifts

    Gifts for Kids

    Gifts For Your BFF,,

    Your bestie has been with you through thick and thin. They deserve a gift this year that reflects just how much they mean to you.

    * Things you can share with your BFF

    * Even more stuff to share with your BFF

    * Weird stuff only your BFF would love

    * Gifts for your fancy friend

    * Gifts for your clumsy friend

    * Things to customize for your BFF

    * Things only true best friends would get each other

    Get the glasses from Amazon for $17.99, the face masks from Sephora for $68, and the pins from OccasionalGrownup on Etsy for $15.

    Book Gifts,,

    No matter what genre you're looking for, our book gift guides have the titles that will satisfy any reader, plus accessories to make your reading experience better than ever.

    * Fascinating memoirs

    * Books that will make you cry

    * Beautifully romantic novels

    * Books for music lovers

    * Cookbooks for bad cooks

    * Things any book lover would appreciate

    * Gifts for Stephen King obsessives

    * Perfect Harry Potter stocking stuffers

    Get A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for $3.99+ and A Modern Way to Cook for $18.99+, and the pillow for $9.99, all from Amazon.

    Tech and Gadget Gifts,,

    If you have someone in your life who's always looking for the latest and greatest in the world of tech and gadgetry, these gifts have got you covered.

    * Tech and gadget gifts for $35 or less

    * Futuristic things for your bedroom

    * Useful kitchen gadgets

    * The best places to buy phone cases

    * Gadgets for under $25 at The Grommet

    Get the cord organizer from The Grommet for $19.95, the screen cleaner from The Grommet for $20, and the Echo Dot from Amazon for $29.99.

    Stocking Stuffers,,

    Give a little extra something with these small — but delightful — gift ideas from one of our stocking stuffer guides.

    * Stocking stuffers both kids and adults will love

    * Actually useful stocking stuffers

    * Candies from around the world

    * Candles that smell incredible

    * Magical gifts for Harry Potter fans

    * Disney-themed stocking stuffers

    * Super adorable knickknacks

    * Party games you'll want to play immediately

    Get the phone case from cat&wolf on Society 6 for $26.99, the game from Amazon for $7.98 and the candle from Amazon for $16.99.

    Geeky Gifts,,

    Geek out with these gift guides perfect for fans of the weird, wonderful, and totally awesome.

    * Beauty products for geeks

    * Gifts for Star Wars lovers

    * Things for Buffy fanatics

    * Gifts all Stranger Things obsessives need

    * ~Magical~ home decor for muggles

    * Gifts for TV nerds

    Get the golden snitch clock from PBteen for $49, the lightsaber chopsticks from Amazon for $10+, and the Yoda slippers from Amazon for $24.95+.

    LOL-worthy Gifts,,

    Keep your gift recipient laughing with a hilarious gift from one of our LOL-worthy gift guides.

    * Hilariously clever mugs that will make you laugh

    * 24 items that are just hilarious, period

    * Things for people who are sloppy AF

    * Gifts for super awkward people

    * Things for the pettiest person you know

    * Stuff for the clumsiest person you know

    Get the mug from Etsy for $14.40, the cat unicorn horn from Amazon for $6.39, and the coloring book from Amazon for $6.46.

    Personalized and Unique Gifts,,

    Want to give something that no one else will be able to have? These gift guides contain awesomely customizable gifts to get for your friends and loved ones.

    * Things you didn't know you could customize

    * Personalized gifts you can get on Amazon

    * Customizable things for pet lovers

    * Semi-homemade gifts you can DIY

    * More semi-homemade gifts

    * Gifts for your BFF

    Get the bestie journal for $11.53, the friendship bracelet set for $14.80, and the perfume kit for $99, all from Amazon

    Aww-Worthy Gifts,,

    Bring the cuteness level up a notch this holiday season with some of the most aww-worthy things you'll ever see.

    * Things that will straight-up make you say "aww"

    * Gifts you'll want to cuddle with

    * Adorable panda products

    * Squee-worthy sloth products

    * Adorable knickknacks that have a purpose

    * Cute upgrades for household necessities

    Get the slippers for $29.90, the planter for $18.89, and the panda journal for $6.82, all from Amazon.

    Gifts For Animal Lovers,,

    If you're an animal obsessive, you know just how much your furry friends mean. Give a gift that's almost as good as kisses from your favorite pet.

    * Gifts for anyone obsessed with their pet

    * Products your dog will love

    * More toys for every kind of dog

    * Things for cat people

    * Even more stuff for cat people

    * Items you need if you love llamas

    * Super adorable panda products

    * Irresistible sloth-themed gifts

    Get the cat calendar from ModCloth for $15, the dog toy from Amazon for $14.99, and the sloth mug from KteaCrumpet on Society6 for $11.19.

    Gifts That Are Worth the Splurge,,

    You've spent all year saving, so why not take the opportunity this holiday season to splurge a little for your loved ones — or yourself!

    * Gifts you'd buy if money were no object

    * Gifts under $200

    * Purses that are worth the investment

    * Kitchen products to splurge on

    * Splurge-worthy gifts for fitness fanatics

    * Beauty tools worth the money

    * Splurge-worthy things for parents

    Get the Vitamix blender from Amazon for $479.95, the headphones from Mr. Porter for $900, and the rowing machine from Amazon for $945.

    Gifts For Your Coworkers,,

    If you're going to be working alongside the same people every day, it's worth at least trying to establish a friendly rapport. These gifts will help you do just that.

    * Gifts under $10 for everyone in the office

    * More gifts under $10 your coworkers will love

    * Gifts for your work BFF

    * Useful knickknacks for their desk

    Get the the cat squishies for $6.99, the grass-like pens for $13.99, and the keyboard cover for $6.69, all from Amazon.

    Want to check out even more? Filter and search all of our gift guides here!

    Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

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