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    24 Products For Your Bedroom That Prove The Future Is Now

    Your robot butler is only a click away!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A cordless touch sensor LED table lamp with three dimmable lighting levels to let you set the mood for whatever ::wink wink:: you're doing.

    2. A gooseneck tablet and phone stand, because you should be able to lay in whatever position you want and Facetime all your friends.

    3. A WiFi range extender so you can make the most out of your internet when you're curled up in bed binge-watching The Office for the 80th time.

    4. A USB powered LED light strip to bring a perfect amount of ambient lighting to your TV watching experience.

    5. A pair of plush, USB-charging heated slippers so that midnight trip to the bathroom doesn't feel like you're walking through an ice rink.

    6. A Wi-Fi-enabled smart plug that'll let you control anything you plug in through your phone, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

    7. A smart headrest with a built-in sleep tracker, music player, alarm clock, and sleeping aid that'll play a specific sound and audio program to help enhance your sleep by modulating your brain activity in a totally safe way.

    8. An Echo Dot for a discreet and hands-free way to voice-control every Alexa-capable product in your house β€” you can make calls, control your music, ask for random facts of information, order groceries...the list is endless.

    9. A soothing LED nightlight that'll project relaxing water waves onto your ceiling, making it feel like you're living in tranquility under the ocean.

    10. A Wi-Fi enabled light switch you can control from your phone, Alexa, or Google Assistant totally eliminating the need to get out of bed to turn off your lights when you're already all cozy.

    11. An alarm clock with temperature displays, nap timers, and a time projector so you can always see exactly how late you are.

    12. A converter kit that'll turn your regular old boring blinds into smartphone-controlled ones you can remotely open or close, put on timers, and charge using solar power.

    13. A remote-controlled robot equipped with a small tray just big enough to hold your remote control, fave book, or whatever else you may need so it can be carried to you by your very own butler.

    14. A voice- or phone-controlled thermostat that'll learn your preferences based on the time of day and season and make sure your home is always the perfect temperature.

    15. A smartphone controlled LED bulb you can dim, change colors, and set to a timer so that it wakes you up like the morning sun β€” even if your wake up time is before said sun.

    16. A mattress cover capable of warming up your bed and tracking your sleep patterns so you can make the most out of the few hours of shut-eye you're able to get.

    17. A compact three-in-one air purifier to filter out all those allergens and pollutants that make sleeping peacefully a bit of a challenge.

    18. A wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detector that'll send alerts to your phone when it senses a problem.

    19. An alarm clock to simulate the sunrise, so waking up (at any time) feels totally natural.

    20. A home sensor system that'll consistently monitor the air quality of your home so you can always know what you're breathing in when you're trying to sleep.

    21. A six-sound noise machine for a gentle and soothing soundtrack to put you right to sleep.

    22. A smart mattress that'll track your sleep patterns, act as an alarm clock, heat up or cool down depending on your preferences, and works with your Amazon Alexa.

    23. A vibrator you (or whoever you want) can control through your phone.

    24. And a 65" 4K ultra HD TV with Wi-Fi and smart capabilities β€” it also just so happens to only weigh about four pounds and be so thin it has to be mounted to your wall because it is literally like wallpaper.

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