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    28 Weird As Hell Gifts You Can Only Give Your BFF

    The holidays are about to get weird.

    1. A corgi butt coin purse, because you've seen how they leer at dogs on the street.

    2. A two-person ugly sweater so you'll never be apart again.

    3. An air freshener with your face on it, so you'll always be with them.

    4. A chain necklace based on the notorious None Pizza Left Beef meme for your friend who's Very Online.

    5. A unicorn candle holder that cries waxy, rainbow tears when you light its horn. Wow, that's dark.

    6. A set of cat butt magnets for pinning pictures of you on the fridge, of course.

    7. A pair of smiling moon emoji pillows because you honestly can't go a day without sending those to each other.

    8. A wine condom they can use in the very unlikely chance you two don't finish a bottle of wine.

    9. A pair of disembodied legs to ash in — very serial killer–esque.

    10. A collection of little poop ice cubes that'll make your friend say, "Holy shit! Time to make drinks."

    11. A pair of matching mermaid skeleton keychains to give as a gesture that says "you complete me."

    12. A picture album you can fill with all the insanely weird pictures of you two together.

    13. A phrenology storage box, because classic apothecary chests are way too expensive.

    14. A car sticker to give the illusion that they're Santa's official chauffeur.

    15. A mug that looks like a toilet or a mug that's covered in butts for mornings done right.

    16. A delightful boob ring perfect for showing off.

    17. Speaking of boobs, a pair of Drake & Josh earrings.

    18. A helpful pug with a long-ass tongue they'll want to use to measure everything.

    19. A luxurious mane for their cat, who they insist is the king of the apartment.

    20. A ray gun nose trimmer so your friend can go "pew pew" while using it.

    21. A neck strap for their wine glass, so you can get drunk together but keep hands free for high-fiving.

    22. A pair of matching poop and toilet paper keychains because your friend isn't above some bathroom humor.

    23. A pair of matching Step Brothers enamel pins to award to the person you just said "did we just become best friends?" to.

    24. A Dancing With Jesus book for learning fire moves to do together on Christmas. Happy birthday, Jesus!

    25. A mermaid decision pen that your friend will insist they don't need because duh? They're already a mermaid.

    26. A pair of penis and vagina bars of soap so your friend can clean out their mouth after all the dirty things they text you.

    27. A pickle body pillow because your friendship is a really big dill.

    28. A gross nose pencil-sharpener presented without comment.

    A best friend is someone you can get truly weird with.

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