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    18 Toys Your Kid Will Never Get Tired Of Playing With

    As told by... actual parents.

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    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the toys their kids never got tired of playing with. Here are the fun results:

    1. A marble run set they can build in endless combinations, watching the glass marble make its way through the maze and building engineering and problem-solving skills.


    Get it from Amazon for $29.95. This particular set comes with 85 track pieces and 50 marbles.

    You can also get a larger 122-piece set for $40.99.

    You can also get an on-sale marble run (with 75 building blocks and 30 marbles) from Walmart for $25.94 (on sale from $59.99).

    2. A set (or several sets) of Lego Duplos so your tots can activate their imagination and try their hand at world building. Who knows what they'll come up with?

    "My brother and I played with our LEGO duplos until he was ten and I was twelve. They were absolutely one of our favorites." —hollyf422126028

    Get this pictured family set from Amazon for $39.99. Themed Lego Duplo sets are also available, like Mickey and Minnie Mouse's Clubhouse and pizza parlor. Check out allllll the available sets on Amazon here and all the available sets on Jet here.

    3. An American Girl doll they'll treasure for years and care for as their own. ::cue tears::

    "No surprise she turned out to be a very caring person!" —vickif4f25fefeb

    Get these adorable American Girl Doll WellieWishers from Amazon for $60 each. They're all 14.5" tall and come with their own personalities, just like the American Girl Dolls we grew up with!

    4. An indoor trampoline for hours and hours of Tigger-like fun — even if it's raining cats and dogs outside.

    "My kids have two toys they always go back to, and indoor trampoline and puzzles. The indoor trampoline they can jump on constantly and never get bored, and they can do the same puzzle a million times and still love it. Those are my go-tos during the rainy winter months when we’re trapped inside!" —fpgirl12

    Get it from Amazon for $44.99 or Jet for $50.01.

    5. A mini backyard rollercoaster you can suggest any time they want to go to an amusement park. Why pay for parking when you can just head right outside?

    "I got it at a yard sale and thought eh..but my boys absolutely love it. They play with it for hours without complaining or fighting each other (which is a huge accomplishment for boys who are four and six years old lol). Worth every dollar of the $50 I paid for it." —christinaelstong

    Get it from Amazon for Amazon or Walmart for $279.99.

    6. An animal-topped blankie for a tried-and-true bestie who will stay by their side for years and years and years. They might even go to college, too!

    "When my son was three months old I was buying him some soft rattles from Angel Dear on Amazon but they sent me a raccoon blankie (the kind with the stuffed animal head on a small blanket) instead of a raccoon rattle. He's nearly six now and 'racky' is still his favorite toy. Since they are easy to wash we bought spares and now he has two at my house and two at his dad's." —noodle192000

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95. Available in 33 animals.

    7. A Hot Hoops tabletop basketball game perfect for a single player or groups of two or more for hours of ~ballin'~ fun.,

    It even packs up neatly so you can take it to playdates or on the go!


    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 or Target for $24.99.

    8. Marvel (or whatever fandom they prefer) action figures so they can get a head start writing the blockbuster screenplays that'll help pay for your retirement years.


    Get The Defenders four-pack from Amazon for $79.99. Check out the full selection of Marvel Legends action figures on Amazon here or Jet here.

    9. A classic Lego set to greate a huge array of virtually unlimited creations. And as they grow, supplement their basic kits with special projects tailored to their interests.,,

    "Tried and true Legos! He’s now old enough to play with the small Legos and he loves to build any and everything!" —gabriellep41cee509e

    Get the 790-piece starter set from Amazon for $47.99, the Beatles kit from Amazon for $45.49, and the Lego Louvre kit from Amazon for $45.88.

    Check out Amazon's Lego shop here and Jet's Lego shop here.

    10. A K'nex building kit so you can build Ferris wheels, roller coasters, or basically anything your heart desires. Some kits even come with motorized moving parts!

    "Anything you build with: Legos, K'nex, Tinker Toys, wooden blocks. They can become whatever the child wants to play with... My kid used K'nex to build himself a fidget spinner and then when he got bored with it he just dismantled it to build something else." —sarahbatami

    Get this electric roller coaster K'nex set from Amazon for $34.94. Check out Amazon's complete collection of K'nex here.

    11. A set of colorful Magna-Tiles — they connect easily for quick construction thanks to powerful magnets, and look like gorgeous stained glass when complete.

    "Pricy, but worth every penny. Don't cheap out for other brands. My 5- and 3-year-old boys play with them every. Single. Day." —cmary911

    Get a 32-piece set from Amazon or Jet for $49.99 and a 100-piece set from Amazon or Jet for $119.99.

    12. A kid-friendly Kindle Fire HD 8 housed in a spill- and drop-proof case so they can read AND play all on one device. Just download books from the Kindle ebook store or your local library and away you go!


    Get it from Amazon for $129.99. AND it comes with a two-year guarantee — if your kid (or you, lol) breaks it within two years, they'll replace it. No questions asked!

    Or if they're old enough for the grown-up size, check out the selection here.

    13. A play kitchen so the young'uns can play chef while the grownups are actually looking dinner. Staying out of your hair while you make a lasagna? It's a miracle.


    Get this corner kitchen set with granite-style countertops from Amazon for $140.99 or Jet for $147.99.

    14. A Hot Wheels track with cars for a ~joy ride~ that'll never end. They'll have fun building and racing on the completed track — and they can hook up multiple track systems for an even more epic adventure.

    "Anything Hot Wheels. Both of my boys — they're two and five. The best things about it? Both are timeless and perfect for sharing." —t451dfc359

    Also suggested by sarak40af10182

    Get this track set ~complete with four hairpin turns~ from Amazon for $33.97. Check out Amazon's full hot wheels selection here.

    15. A set of Nerf guns for fun battles throughout the house on a moment's notice. These are especially great for players of all different ages!

    "Any kind of nerf gun! My sons and daughter will chase each other around for hours with those guns and foams bullets for hours. If only the bullets didn’t disappear into thin air! We are constantly replacing them." —emilyr64

    Also suggested by sarak40af10182

    Get this one from Amazon or Walmart for $14.97. And when you inevitable run out of ammo, get a 400-pack of Nerf-compatible darts from Amazon for $15.99.

    16. An educational and challenging video game that's well worth the time spent — they ARE learning, after all.

    —Best Gifts For Cat Lovers, Facebook

    For an extra boost of *learning power* try Bloxels, the STEM build-your-own video system pictured above. Use the blocks and game boards to create characters and levels (including obstables and powerups). Then download the app to actually PLAY THE DANG THING!

    Get it from Amazon or Walmart for $34.99.

    17. A challenging puzzle you can work on together. Keep a whole shelf of your favorites and if you rotate them, they'll still seem fresh!


    Get this Melissa & Doug 48-piece outer space puzzle from Amazon for $8.99. Check out Amazon's full selection of four star or higher puzzles here.

    18. And of course... the cardboard box everything friggin' comes in.

    "Honestly the one thing my kids never tire of is the boxes the presents come in. Give them a box that they can get in or make a house out of and they are entertained for hours! It’s not just the littlest kids that love the boxes. My tween will play the hell out of a cardboard box too!" —jamiel4bb59c3d8

    "Cardboard boxes, Lego too, mostly cardboard boxes though. Kids are basically like cats that can sass you verbally." —sarahw4885a9107

    The somehow-always-too-large Amazon boxes are always perfect for these!

    If they're gonna play with the box anyway, check out these sticker sets from Amazon that'll transform them in the planes, cars and trucks! Get the airplane stickers (pictured) from Amazon for $19.99.

    Let the fun begin!


    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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