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    29 Perfect Toys For Keeping Your Fidgety Hands Distracted

    This is for all the people who tear the labels off everything.

    1. A squishy emoji so happy to help you out, it vomits from excitement.

    2. A classic fidget cube complete with clickable buttons, a joystick, a spinner, a switch, and other features to help you relax.

    3. A happy little Hoptimist who bounces and wiggles when you can't.

    4. A collection of squeezable little buddies you can hang on to when you're feeling anxious.

    5. An iridescent fidget spinner for a colorful whirlwind to make you forget your troubles.

    6. Or a paint splatter spinner if you'd like something even flashier.

    7. ORR a spinner filled with lip gloss if you want a multi-faceted de-stressing device.

    8. OOORRRR a glow-in-the-dark fidget spinner for late night panic attacks

    9. A multi-colored block puzzle for shifting your attention onto something relaxing.

    10. A ring with a second spinning layer to soothe you.

    11. An unnerving, googly-eyed toy that you can squeeze the peepers out of when you're about to have a cow.

    12. A bendy pen with a handle perfect for people who want to do pen tricks but need training wheels.

    13. A ball filled with lots of smaller balls that looks insanely satisfying to squeeze.

    14. A container of coffee-scented therapy dough you're definitely going to want to have at work.

    15. A pack of Silly Putty for some good old-fashioned de-stressing.

    16. A mesh sock toy with a hidden marble that provides a much-needed, soothing activity.

    17. A translucent egg you can squeeze until a little Gudetama appears.

    18. A container of mesmerizing putty in a variety of colors and styles for every type of person.

    19. A bicycle chain-like toy with tiny spinning wheels that offers relief for your nervous hands.

    20. A menagerie of random little squishy friends you can channel all your anxiety into.

    21. A pack of glittery tops to spin when your head is also spinning.

    22. A PlayStation controller-inspired pushpad that fits nicely in your hand and provides plenty of buttons to press.

    23. A spherical puzzle that requires putting the right color balls in the right color circles by pushing them in with a satisfying click.

    24. A group of pea pods revealing little pea pals when you squeeze them out.

    25. A group of strongly magnetized balls you can push and manipulate into different shapes.

    26. A trio of fruit that looks delicious enough to squeeze.

    27. A checkered rectangle you can deconstruct into a geometric snake.

    28. A Rubik's Cube covered in sweet, glorious junk food for people who are soothed by snacking.

    29. A plastic tangle you can twist and pull apart when your hands desperately need something to do.

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