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    35 Affordable Pieces Of Jewelry That Look Like A Million Bucks

    Everything's under $30 (but no one will be able to tell).

    1. A pair of faux-emerald drop earrings that'll have others green with envy at your next holiday party.

    2. A lucite open cuff perfect for anyone looking for a chic alternative to metallic accessories.

    3. A silver clover necklace with all the aesthetics of a Tiffany's piece but without the hefty price tag.

    4. A stunning sapphire-like cocktail ring to cure you of your winter blues — you'll want to go out just for the sake of showing it off.

    5. A pair of sleek earrings so your ears can look like they're crying silver tears of joy.

    6. A gold labradorite cuff that looks like it belongs in a carefully curated high-end boutique.

    7. A white gold-plated sterling silver feather ring to wrap around your finger in the most beautiful way.

    8. A classy pavé stone necklace that'll elevate even a basic white tee. (I've seen Kate Middleton wear something very similar to this.)

    9. An elegant pair of drop earrings to go ~pearl-fectly~ with your favorite party dress.

    10. A silver bangle adorned with Swarovski crystals for just the right amount of sparkle to wear every day.

    11. A rhinestone lariat necklace much more versatile than you'd think. It'll look amazing with anything from a LBD to a slouchy sweater.

    12. A sterling silver ring featuring a gorgeous center stone and Swarovski accent crystals so you can channel your inner Elizabeth Taylor.

    13. A timeless station necklace you'll probably find a pricier version of at a posh department store.

    14. A rhinestone circle ring with enough bling to temporarily blind whoever happens to be looking at your hand.

    15. A pair of silhouette earrings that look like they belong in the Museum of Modern Art gift shop.

    16. A pretty pavé teardrop pendant, because winter is here and you need long necklaces that'll actually show when you wear crew neck sweaters.

    17. A chic double crisscross cuff in a rose gold finish so you'll have an excuse to constantly roll up your sleeves.

    18. A pair of cluster studs that look like they were plucked from a magical dimension where pearl flowers grow on trees.

    19. A dainty, goes-with-everything sterling silver double necklace to gift to someone you ❤️... or just to yourself. (In the words of Samantha Jones, "I love you, but I love me more.")

    20. A gold-plated statement ring for people who love the dark and luxurious look of onyx but don't want to break the bank.

    21. A pair of Swarovski-embellished gold hoop earrings you could say cost three figures, and people would believe you.

    22. A vintage-inspired faux-opal ring that's basically a tiara for your finger.

    23. A pair of sterling silver crystal earrings more sparkly than Cinderella's slippers.

    24. A delicate rhinestone circle pendant necklace to wear with with your fave V-neck tops.

    25. A rose gold-plated tennis bracelet people might mistake for a family heirloom.

    26. A pair of silver leaf earrings worthy of a queen — Elsa, the ice queen to be specific.

    27. A sterling silver twig ring with a faux mother-of-pearl cherry blossom to bring a smile to your face. Spring might be far away, but some flowers do bloom in the winter.

    28. A classic gold cuff with a mysterious price tag. Is it real gold? Is it vintage? Only your wallet will know.

    29. A pair of simple yet dazzling crystal drop earrings that'll somehow make everything you wear look more expensive.

    30. A fish-scale bib necklace to help you acheive that golden mermaid look.

    31. A pair of whimsical gold-plated sterling silver rings for someone who doesn't take accessorizing too seriously.

    32. A pair of Art Deco-style silver filigree earrings that'll make you want to put on a flapper dress ASAP. Or... just a T-shirt and jeans would look great, too.

    33. A mixed stones necklace to add a pop of color to any neutral outfit. It's super festive and never goes out of style!

    34. A pair of cubic zirconia studs every bit as brilliant as the real thing! You'll look like a million bucks even if your bank account says otherwise.

    35. A minimalistic sterling silver ring so pretty, you won't ever want to take it off. It'll be your signature piece!

    You're gonna look classy AF!

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