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    42 Gifts Under $10 That Won't Make You Seem Cheap

    Yep, I totally bought this at a fancy boutique.

    Hey! While we try to keep our posts updated as much as we can, this post is originally from 2017, so we can't guarantee that the pricing and/or availability of the products featured are accurate. Check out the 2018 version of this post for our most up-to-date under-$10 gift recommendations!

    1. A pair of fancy (LOOKING) earrings to upgrade most outfits. Maybe even athleisure? I dunno. That's up to them.

    2. A Pioneer Woman pot holder set they'll flip over and then bake one of her delish recipes as a thank you. Win-win!

    3. A Hogwarts stationery set to whip up some correspondence that *looks* like it's worth its weight in galleons.

    4. A charming elephant teapot you can pass off as something you picked up on your last vacay.

    5. A quartz crystal-like soap to go in the guest bath where the kids will *never* be allowed to use it.

    6. A coffee mask that'll match their morning bev.

    7. Or a wintry animal sheet mask if they can't be bothered with actually washing off a mask.

    8. A beautiful poetry book that'll satisfy their Insta flat lay needs. (Also, it's fantastic to read!)

    9. A picturesque cocktail spoon to motivate you both to stay in and drink what you already have on the bar cart. (Cocktails are expensive!!!)

    10. And an adorable cocktail kit because of the same reason, but under the guise that you're adults now and should know how to mix a delish cocktail or two at home.

    11. A marble-print planter to help distract from their succulent serial killer status.

    12. A cute pin as a gentle reminder to passersby that they need some ~space~.

    13. A gorgeous hand cream tin for the body and ~soul~. Or at least that's what the nice packaging says!

    14. A three-pack of reusable Baggu shopping bags you can split up amongst your three chicest friends who have more Instagram followers than dollars in the bank.

    15. A *peaceful* watering stake for that hugeass plant that takes up half their living room.

    16. A chain bracelet as a placeholder for the Cartier love bracelet you'll most definitely be able to afford by next year.

    17. A roll of coconut oil-coated floss that'll make them think "Why did they get me floss?!" but then they'll actually be excited to floss and get a glowing report at their next dentist visit!

    18. A puzzle book for keeping 'em entertained *and* engaged — the best of both worlds!

    19. A business card case so they can whip out their deets at a moment's notice.

    20. A pom-pom kimono as an excuse to practice their best Stevie Knicks spins.

    21. A wooden spoon that'll make them think fondly of you next time they're whipping up something yummy.

    22. A pizza wall calendar to finally pay them back for all the slices you owe them.

    23. A reversible sequin pillow case to update their couch for about the same price as your go-to McD's order.

    24. An Eos lip balm that'll keep their pucker soft and moisturized for the season.

    25. A belle of rose bath petals they won't have to contend with a beast to enjoy.

    26. A trinket dish to lend a perch for their favorite baubles.

    27. An adorable photo frame you can fill with a snap you took at your last party with an instant camera you spent all your pennies on.

    28. A candle that'll look as nice as it smells.

    29. A pretty nut bowl to make them feel 1000% better about eating a bag of peanuts for dinner.

    30. A pair of floral socks they just may assume you bought from an emerging street-style brand.

    31. A festive keychain you can give as a reminder that it's 5 o'clock somewhere.

    32. A matcha Gourmand lip balm with chic, minimalist packaging the pickiest of beauty addicts won't be ashamed to pull out of their bags.

    33. A floral-print tray that'll come in handy on the reg for entertaining and just gathering all the junk on their coffee table.

    34. A handy bottle opener that'll be an essential during your next game watch.

    35. A pair of sparkling earrings — they just may make strangers assume their towering, well-dressed bae is the bodyguard they hired to keep these danglers safe for the night.

    36. A globe-trotting laundry bag that'll lend a hand with their laundry for minimal effort on your part.

    37. A cute shark bowl that won't leave a bite out of your wallet.

    38. A 16-pack of Bjork postcards for the friend who wouldn't shut up her new album.

    39. A dreamy mug so they'll be the envy of the office come break time.

    40. A pretty luggage tag to aid in the easiest baggage carousel ID sesh ever.

    41. A fill-in-the-blank journal as a better option than a handwritten poem that they know cost you $0.

    42. And a cool folding comb so they can pull off their best Danny Zuko.

    Them for the next year they see you after you bestowed one of these ~amazing~ things upon them:

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