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    18 Products That Will Make Your Dog Love You Even More

    It's ruff being a doggo.... these products make it easier. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

    1. A collapsible dog bowl you can easily take wherever you're bringing your pup because... when hunger or thirst strikes, you should be able to satisfy.

    2. A car seat cover so Fido can accompany you on road trips, and you can protect your seats.

    3. A wax to protect their precious paws from inevitable damage from stuff like hot pavement, salt, and other abrasive surfaces.

    4. A cooling cot with a mesh center for them to rest on without getting overheated from the typically fuzzy dog bed.

    5. A treat ball that'll keep them active and will reward their hard work with their favorite treats.

    6. A peanut butter dog cake mix so you can treat your fuzzy friend's sweet tooth.

    7. A portable outdoor shower head for the dog who just doesn't want to sit still in a tub.

    8. A toy you donut want to miss out on letting them play with -- they can chew and fetch it all day long.

    9. A cuddle bed for your pooch to get comfy and relaxed in whenever they please — it's also good at helping with any joint pain they experience.

    10. A maze feeder for making meal time fun for your pup, plus—it'll help them to eat more slowly and prevent bloating.

    11. A bubble carrier—the best way to carry around your little fuzz ball, the bubble window will help them feel less trapped.

    12. A flavored bone toy they'll never want to stop chewing, for the sole reason that it tastes delicious.

    13. An interactive toy/feeder — fill it with their food, and get a kick out of watching them play with a toy and eating a meal as a reward.

    14. A set of three wool dog balls for having three times the amount of fun while playing fetch.

    15. An on-the-go water dispenser because it's important to keep them hydrated when they're playing outside in the summer heat.

    16. A lounger bed—a comfy way for your pupper to veg the fuck out — because playing and eating all day is pretty damn exhausting. Just ask this guy.

    17. A chipmunk and log plush toy for them to play with instead of going after real chipmunks and logs.

    18. A pet tent so they have some of their own space. Plus, think about how cute they'll look inside!

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