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    The Ultimate Gift List For TV Nerds

    From Game of Thrones to Riverdale, we got you covered.

    1. A sweatshirt for anyone with a strong maternal instinct.

    2. A set of mugs for your favorite couple of wildlings.

    3. A candle for those who need some dragon fire in their life.

    4. A very weather-appropriate sweatshirt.

    5. A mug for the Ann in your life.

    6. A sweatshirt Ron would approve of.

    7. A print with one of Leslie's best compliments.

    8. A mug with a campaign slogan for the ages.

    9. And a throw pillow promoting the best life philosophy.

    10. A t-shirt for everyone who shares Buffy's down-to-earth approach to life.

    11. A sweatshirt for everyone who wishes they studied at Sunnydale High (you know, despite all the demons and death).

    12. A candle for anyone who prays at the altar of Saint Buffy Summers.

    13. A minimalist poster to celebrate Issa.

    14. The emblematic "we got y'all" t-shirt.

    15. A mug to state clearly where your allegiance lies.

    16. A sweatshirt for anyone who would also totally move to West Covina for Josh.

    17. A minimalist poster for all the Impala's fans.

    18. An entire gift set, including a t-shirt, a tote bag, and a holiday card, for all those who truly commit to the fandom.

    19. A cute pouch for those who always want to carry their heroes with them.

    20. Some earrings and a sleep mask for those who want to emulate queen Madeline Martha Mackenzie.

    21. Another novel by Liane Moriarty for anyone looking for a story as addictive as Big Little Lies.

    22. A tote bag for all the Michonne fans.

    23. A poster that celebrates Atlanta in all its beauty.

    24. A sweater that celebrates Daryl as he should be celebrated.

    25. Luke's breakfast blend for the type of coffee Lorelai would approve of.

    26. And a mug for the Rory in your life.

    27. A poster for everyone who's dreamed of living in Stars Hollow.

    28. A sweatshirt for the Mulder in your life.

    29. A poster that gives Scully the respect she deserves.

    30. A mug for anyone who wants to wake up with their heroes.

    31. A sweatshirt signed by Jughead himself.

    32. A t-shirt for all the true Vixens.

    33. An iPhone case that features the best Riverdale has to offer.

    34. The perfect mug for all of Pop's customers.

    35. A mug for all those who really belong in the Bad Place.

    36. A sweatshirt for the OG A.V. Club members.

    37. A mug to honor the greatest babysitter of them all.

    38. A festive Christmas sweater.

    39. And a book to celebrate the show's most iconic character.

    40. A tote bag to have your favorite characters with you at all times.

    41. A set of pins of one of the OG TV couples.

    42. And an awesome retro cap.

    43. Some gorgeous artwork for all of Elliot's fans.

    44. A sweatshirt for those who aren't afraid to work for the bad guys.

    45. A mug for the supreme in your life.

    46. A mug for those who love the show but also love to snuggle.

    47. A sweatshirt for the baddest witches you know.

    48. A laptop sleeve for everyone who wants to move to Starling City.

    49. An art print for all the fans of Barry Allen.

    50. An iPhone case for everyone who always wants to have the Flash within arm's reach.

    51. A throw pillow for those who live for Supergirl.

    52. A poster showing Kara Danvers in all her glory.

    53. The best of the show in one awesome mug.

    54. A sweatshirt for those with a killer survival instinct.

    55. And a mug for them too.

    56. A retro cap of Martin and Gina.

    57. And a clutch that'll make all of your friends jealous.

    58. A sweatshirt to spend the holidays in style.

    59. A clock featuring all the past Doctors.

    60. And the perfect TARDIS iPhone case.

    61. A mug for your favorite Log Lady.

    62. A beautiful poster welcoming you to the town.

    63. A throw pillow from the Great Northern Hotel.

    64. A mug for a damn fine cup of coffee.

    65. A poetic and otherworldly art work paying tribute to the show.

    66. A pin for the strong women in your life.

    67. And a mug for those who don't take any shit.

    68. A poster of the two sides of the park.

    69. And a mesmerizing art nouveau poster celebrating Dolores.

    70. A travel mug that keeps you on track.