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27 Gifts Any Book Lover Should Add To Their Wish List

Because you can't just ask for a whole list of books... right? The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Literature-themed candles in delicious scents like "Pemberley," "Thornfield Garden," and "22B Baker Street."

2. A framed print worthy of any Jo March.

3. ~Novel tea~ bags with cheeky quotes about being a book-lover printed right on them.

4. A subscription to Kindle Unlimited, which lets you read and listen to all the books your heart desires — on any device.

5. A pillow to squeeze when you're concerned about your favorite character making it to the end of the book.

6. A ~bookbag~ that takes the term quite literally.

7. A five-year journal that's filled with witticisms and quotes from Jane Austen to cheer your day.

8. A tote bag that understands what the perfect gift is.

9. A ~soft-cover~ pillow that knows exactly why you stayed up all night long.

10. A secret book box that understands the two best treasures: stories and jewelry.

11. A pair of Poe-ka dot socks for anyone who is really into "The Cask of Amontillado."

12. A genius bookmark that automatically saves your spot when you're dragged away from your tome by Real Life.

13. A personal library kit for generous book-lenders who definitely want to get their novels back.

14. A badge that reminds others that reading is a do-not-disturb activity.

15. A bookmark that'll comfort your books when you have to leave them for short periods of time.

16. An enamel pin or two that mark a membership in the book club we call life.

Get them from Literary Emporium on Etsy for $9.55 each. Get "Just one more chapter" here and "I like big books" here.

17. A collection of literary cocktail recipes, snacks, and games that'll put a smile on your face.

18. A scratch-off poster of 100 essential literature classics.

19. Or a poster detailing the plots of fiction genres.

20. A mug that'll deliver the caffeine needed to rattle off Shakespearean quotes.

21. Wall decals that will turn any room into the library of your dreams.

22. A tee that turns your chest into your favorite book cover art.

Get A Wrinkle in Time from Amazon for $28 and A Clockwork Orange from Amazon for $8.96. Check out all the options here.

23. A set of six shot glasses featuring literary booze legends like Dorothy Parker and Oscar Wilde.

24. A magical tote bag to carry around a Harry Potter book or three.

25. A pretty clock that knows every hour of the day is appropriate for reading time.

26. A book locket you can fill with a secret message or meaningful quote.

27. And a bookend that will help bring closure after the last chapter of a fantastic book.

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