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27 Impossibly Cute Knickknacks That Are Actually Helpful

Because how can you be productive if you don't have hedgehog dryer balls?

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A couple of puffer fish dryer balls who'll make the chore of laundry a little less prickly by softening fabric and controlling static.

Promising Review: "This is my second set of these little guys. I really love them. I hate static but I have learned that dryer sheets aren't good for the machine, so I use these instead. They really cut down on the static and help the laundry dry faster, especially larger items like towels and comforters. They are cute, too! My first set lasted over six months, so they are still cheaper than dryer sheets." —Heather

Get them from Amazon for $9.55 (for a set of two) or Walmart for $11.89.

2. A mini desk cleaner to cleverly disguise both itself and your crumbs by rolling away debris.

Promising Review: "Best thing I've bought in a long time for my art area. It cleans up eraser crumbs and little paper bits like nobody's business and is just too cute." —saram

Get it from Amazon for $8.80+ (available in three colors).


4. A hedgehog grater in case cheese wasn't amazing enough.

Promising Review: "I bought this product for its aesthetic qualities, but was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only does it perform its function effectively, it is also delightfully easy to clean." —Vinegar

Get it from Amazon for $12.95+ (available in five colors).

5. A sugary push pin holder whose sprinkles secretly let you ~stick it~ to organizing.

Promising Review: "There are more pins than you'd think and the base is slip-proof. My kids use it to put up their art and I don't worry about pins getting everywhere!" —Kindle Customer

Get it from Amazon for $13.75 (available in three styles) or Walmart for $21.


7. A blossoming container for both cotton swabs and toothpicks so your counter never looks overgrown.

Promising Review: "What a cute holder for cotton swabs! It is so much better than keeping them in the box. The flower petals come off so that you can fit more cotton swabs in the container, and it also has a cap so that dust does not get on it. It also is not too big and is very sturdy." —Jamie

Get it from Amazon for $8.88+ (available in four colors) or Walmart for $8.55 (available in green).

8. An angry lady who'll both scold you and steam your microwave when it gets messy.

Fill Angry Mama with water and vinegar and microwave for seven minutes for an easy way to remove grime.

Promising Review: "Not just a whimsical gimmick! Does a great job in cleaning the microwave — better job than manual cleaning alone. Recommended!" —Anthony Iovino

Get it from Amazon for $8.29+ (available in four colors) or Walmart for $8.99.

9. A whale of a strainer, because pasta proportions should always be larger than life.

Promising Review: "Works well and is super cute! The plastic is thick and the strain holes are small enough that I don't have to worry about losing a bunch of ground beef. Cleans easily as well!" —Pyschoprincess

Get it from Amazon for $9.14+ (available in three styles).


11. An adorable vase if your green thumb has a soft side for critters.

Promising Review: "Super cute, and is just the right size for a small succulent. There's a drainage hole right where its bellybutton would be, which is kind of adorable. Plus, this is probably the closest I'll ever get to owning a Bulbasaur." —MJ

Get it from Amazon for $16.49.

14. A USB mini humidifier for an environment almost as relaxing as a bear hug.

Promising Review: "It works really well. I keep it on my night stand when I sleep and it helps me breathe better, because I have asthma. It goes on for a long time, as well." —Elizabeth1017

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $19.95 or Amazon for $34.99.


15. A turtle business card holder because networking is rarely in the slow lane.

Promising Review: "I originally bought this little card holder for its cuteness, but it has become very useful. Instead of using it for business cards, so far I have used it for mini Post-It notes, which I constantly rely on for easy access info. Before these card holders, all the overlapping Post-Its lying on the table would leave a sticky residue." —Consumericious

Get it from Amazon for $17.02+ (available in six styles) or Walmart for $27.29.

17. A lovable stapler so you always have something cute on hand to squeeze.

Promising Review: "I love this little stapler! It is very durable and I use it every day at work. I staple approximately 50 batches of papers together every day that contain three to six pages each. I'm very impressed with this little guy! Plus it's so cute!" —Brenda

Get it from Amazon for $1.08 or Walmart for $5.08.

18. An knight egg cup holder to put a whole new meaning to "breakfast of champions."

Promising Review: "Great quality and craftsmanship! The helmet has an added bonus of keeping the eggs warm for a while longer too! Very cute, heavy-duty, and well-done." —Squirrelletta

Get it from Amazon for $10 (for a cup and spoon) or Walmart for $20.29 (for a set of two).


19. A giraffe toilet brush who won't let your bathroom run wild.

Promising Review: "OMG who knew that a toilet brush could be so cute? Sounds like an oxymoron. However, I can assure you that this is the cutest toilet brush you have ever seen. It gives me and my kids a giggle, and makes us smile whenever we are in the bathroom. We've ben using it for six months now and it is holding up beautifully." —M. Lin

Get it from Amazon for $14.24 or Jet for $18.51.

21. A metallic ring holder so everybunny will appreciate your shining display of jewels.

Promising Review: "Not only is this cute, but also useful. I purchased this for my kitchen to hold my wedding ring while I do dishes or clean counters. It gets moved all over sometimes with wet hands and has not tarnished or chipped." —Sabreena H.

Get it from Amazon for $9.55 (also available in silver) or Jet for $9.83 (available in silver).

22. A stealthy hook if your real cat won't stop swiping all your belongings.

Promising Review: "It's sturdy hook that easily attaches to the computer monitor. I currently have had two fairly heavy key sets on there for over a month and it is still holding." —Janet K.

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.


23. A hammerhead bottle opener who'll be your closest chum at the next wine night.

Promising Review: "I was pleasantly surprised with the weight and quality of this bottle opener. It was easy to open and the cute design makes it comfortable to use." —jennifer dyer

Get it from Amazon for $14.95+ (available in three colors).

25. A set of kitty tushy magnets to make sure your plans never go bottoms up.

Promising Review: "I love these magnets! I didn't expect them to be such strong magnets, but they are well-made and strong enough to hold heavier items up. Definitely worth buying!" —LadyPhacePetite

Get them from ModCloth for $12.99, or Amazon, Jet, or Walmart for $12 (for a set of six).

26. A pair of lightsaber chopsticks so you're always prepared to battle over the last spring roll.

Promising Review: "They're awesome. It's extremely easy to just wipe them off to clean them. I used Darth Vader's red ones at P. F. Chang's, and OMG, they lit up beautifully! I had several people ask where I had gotten them and I think because our waiter was a fan, he was extra nice to us!" —Amazon Customer

Get them from Amazon for $17.17 (for a set of two), Jet for $15.98 (available in green), or Walmart for $17.49 (available in green).