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31 Magical Pieces Of Decor That'll Make You Forget You're A Muggle

This stuff is so cool it's Riddikulus.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A suspiciously quiet Mandrake baby you should refer to as "Bonsai" for the Muggles' sake.

Promising Review: "WOW! WOW! WOW! I was keeping my fingers crossed that this bonsai would arrive healthy and look good. It arrived in perfect condition and looks FANTASTIC. I ordered two more within five minutes of opening the box. I think that says it all." —Dave Levy

Get it from Amazon for $22.47+ (available in two sizes).

2. A Hogwarts laptop decal to make your Muggle homework way more magical.


4. A Hedwig-inspired jewelry cage that will actually be pretty terrible for housing your snowy owl, but will perfectly hold all your jewelry (or horcruxes) safely.

Includes a gold finish, black satin pads to prevent scratching, and rotates to easily access jewelry.

Get it from Pottery Barn for $99.

5. A set of floating diamond glass terrariums so beautiful you'll know Neville had a hand in making them.

Promising Review: "All came to me safe and on time. These glass vessels are beautiful as a collage on my wall. They are easy to mount with Command clear removable hooks or the hardware that they came with. Fantastic! I bought four more!" —Kathleen Mcnamara

Get them from Amazon for $14.95+.

7. A mermaid blanket you could throw on a sofa to make it look chic, or throw on your body to look like someone who just ate a crap ton of gillyweed.

Promising Review: "So cute! I felt like a mermaid the minute I opened it! The stitching is solid and sturdy. The blanket itself is very long and would easily fit kids and most adults. I liked that the side is constructed as a slit rather than trying to squeeze in through the top. It would make a great gift!" —AJM

Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in two patterns and 11 colors).


9. A Deathly Hallows bookend to keep your treasured stories safe.

10. A toilet night light that would totally make Moaning Myrtle be all, "Where has this been my whole (after) life?"

Promising Review: "This is the coolest night light! Every person in our family loves it, from my 2-year-old to my 33-year-old husband! Our bathroom is large and there are no outlets near the toilet so our children got scared to use the bathroom at night. Now, they are super excited to use the bathroom. This is a potty training must! I'm thinking these would be great gifts for our whole family so we will definitely be ordering more in the future!" —Victorialemieux

Get it from Amazon for $14.95.


12. A do-it-yourself magnetized sandscripter to bring out the actual (artistic) wizard in you.,

Includes sand, AC power adapter, three knobs for adjusting design, and two stainless-steel balls.

Get it from Think Geek for $49.99.

15. A set of starry twinkle lights that just may look like they came straight from a spellbook.


16. A selection of Harry Potter cat ornaments for keeping your holiday decorations both Harry and furry.

18. A Murphy bed that will magically convert your studio apartment into a rustic entertainment space by day and a luxurious bedroom by night.

Promising Review: "This cabinet looks beautiful and enhances my small room. It's easy to let down the bed and easy to put away in the morning. Everyone who has seen it is impressed — I love it!" —Carolane

Get it from Amazon for $1,099.97+ (available in twin and queen, three finishes).

19. A traditional rug for cozy nights in the common room.

Promising Review: "This rug is absolutely beautiful! The colors are true and rich, and the size is perfect. The quality is nice and a real value for the price. I recommend highly!" —Sherry

Get it from Amazon for $144.68 (available in two colors).


23. A salt crystal lamp that would give the Sorcerer's Stone a run for its money.

Promising Review: "I could not be more pleased with this. The price is better than most and it is beautiful, better than expected. I got one to give as a Christmas present and after seeing it, I ordered one right away for myself." —Leah

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.


29. A snuggable cat lamp Crookshanks would probably hate because it will be squishy, adorable, and light up with just a touch; he could never compete.

Promising Review: "This is the perfect decoration if you're looking for something cute and small. I love all the colors and it's so adorable to look at! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a cute night light." —Jojo

Get it from Amazon for $13.49 (available in three faces).

The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.