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    17 Fun Party Games That Are Perfect For Big Groups

    Party games: the other social lubricant.

    1. The Hot Seat, which lets you fulfill your fantasy of being a guest on a late night show (basically).

    2. BuzzFeed's Social Sabotage, a game that rewards social media daring.

    3. Codenames, a game of word association and light espionage.

    4. Superfight, the game that forces you to defend your firmly held beliefs about who would win in various fights.

    5. The Metagame, which bills itself as "the ultimate cure for awkward silences".

    6. What Do You Meme, because chances are you'd rather be looking at memes than socializing at this theoretical party anyway.

    7. Joking Hazard, which lets you DIY highly dysfunctional comics.

    8. Game of Phones, a game that lets you exercise your favorite appendage—your smartphone.

    9. The Game of Things, which combines creativity and friend-pigeonholing.

    10. Drunk Stoned or Stupid, the game most likely call you and your friends on your shit.

    11. CatchPhrase, a handheld game that benefits the quick-witted (and quick shouters).

    12. One-Night Ultimate Werewolf, which will pit man against mythical beast, and friend against friend.

    13. Spontuneous, which requires singing—or shouting—but not musical talent.

    14. Double Ditto, which encourages synchronized thinking.

    15. Stipulations, the game that rewards creative Debbie Downerism.

    16. Wits and Wagers, a trivia game that even the ignorant among us can enjoy.

    17. Cards Against Humanity, the gold standard of hilarious, tasteless party games.

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