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tylerelizabeth2 • 2 hours ago
Jamie Jirak • 28 minutes ago

19 Snapchats That Are Way Funnier Than They Have Any Right Being

Not ALL of the funniest stuff is on Twitter.

Mike Spohr • 29 minutes ago
evrivali • 1 hour ago

Morning Update: Abortion In America's South

Trump cuts expert panels, the sexual assault definition loophole, Prince Harry is peak dad. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, June 17.

Elamin Abdelmahmoud • 2 hours ago

The UK Is Set To Host The UN’s Flagship Climate Change Summit, With Italy On The Brink Of Dropping Its Bid

A formal announcement of a partnership agreement between the UK and Italy — the other leading contender to host COP26 — is expected this week.

Alberto Nardelli • 3 hours ago
Crystal Ro • 12 hours ago
Isha Bassi • 12 hours ago
Pablo Valdivia • 12 hours ago

19 Of The Biggest Pop Divas Back In 2009 Vs. 2019

Everyone knows DIVAS only get better with time!


Do You Have The Same Color Associations As Everyone Else?

To me, the letter A is red. What's it to you?!

17 People Who Suffered Pizza Traumas They May Never Recover From

Our thoughts are with these pizza lovers during this difficult time.


28 TV Moments That Are Literally Always Funny

It's scientifically impossible to read this list without laughing.


23 Things That 100% Of "House Hunters" Fans Have Done

Admit it — you've yelled at your screen about paint colors more times than you're proud of.

Every Single State Has A Favorite Pixar Film — Here's Yours

A great Pixar-lover can come from anywhere.

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