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Tinder exists ya know.

How many pairs of shoes does this list make you want to buy?

"With his head now secured & protected with the images of black love, his waves are about to reach an unimaginable level."


It's culinary science.


You'll never travel the same way again.

“Many MPs are on the edge,” one of the rebels told BuzzFeed News.


"My hope was that if I shared my photo, other black girls would feel encouraged to as well, and we could reinforce the idea that beauty comes in all forms."

Angela Bassett has the range, and in this essay I will...

"It's definitely strange. It takes some adjusting."

Beef or beefcake?

You know the drill.

‘Ear all, see all, say nowt. Eat all, sup all, pay nowt.

Ariana revealed a whole host of juicy details about the track in a brand new interview.

"Peach Salinger’s brain when she realized her laptop was stolen."

"Break up with your girlfriend she’s cheating on you every Thursday in the projection room above the auditorium with Shane Oman."


Exclusive: Damian Barr told BuzzFeed News that the bookselling website is "promoting self-harm" and profiting from hate.

We love a chill bride!

You don't need a valentine when every day is Galentine's Day.

Recent instances of blackface — from Virginia’s Gov. Ralph Northam to Gucci’s fashion choices — only reinforce the unfailing consistency of American anti-black racism.

"Did you meet any of the real stars?"

In pineapple pizza we crust.

Nickelodeon is also reviving its iconic sketch-comedy series All That, featuring a new cast of kids.


Are oysters actually nice?

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