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Kobe Bryant

A Firefighter Accused Of Photographing Kobe Bryant’s Body Walked Out Of The Courtroom Multiple Times After Begging Vanessa Bryant’s Lawyer To “Stop Describing” The “Horrifying” Crash Scene

The former LA Fire Department captain was present at the scene of the incident and spoke of images that will “haunt [him] forever” after admitting that he took 25 to 30 photographs of the crash site.

Splitscreen image with graphic on right side and photo of JoJo Siwa on the left. (CREDIT: JOJO SIWA/INSTAGRAM)

JoJo Siwa Isn't Here For The Haters

Plus, "Riverdale" and "The Wedding Planner" celebrated anniversaries, Twitter mourned Kobe and Gigi Bryant, and we went behind-the-scenes on "Bling Empire."

News O'Clock: The Uncertain Science Of COVID-19 & A Letter From Kobe

Jared Kushner’s twenty-something bros didn’t do a great job procuring protective gear for doctors, we get real earnest talking about the letter from Kobe that Vanessa Bryant found, and BuzzFeed News science reporter Dan Vergano breaks down what we don’t know about the coronavirus.

23 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

From the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others to the escalation of warnings about the coronavirus outbreak, these are the most striking and memorable pictures from this past week.

#MeToo Moves Front And Center At The Oscar Nominee Luncheon

"I am every bit as gratified as the youngest of you here that the fossilized bedrock of many of Hollywood’s worst abuses are being jackhammered into oblivion," said Academy president John Bailey.

"Mamba Out": Kobe Bryant Ends Career With Record-Breaking Game

Bryant scored an incredible 60 points during the game, earning the Lakers a narrow win over the Utah Jazz. The NBA legend was both loved and hated by fans — usually depending on which team those fans were rooting for.

The Most Epic NBA Dunk Contest Photos Ever Taken

With the 2015 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest on the horizon, here is a look back at the most memorable photos and videos from the competition over the years.

In Defense Of Mike Brown

I can't believe I'm saying this, but the guy actually seems to have the right idea.

7 Reasons The Lakers Will Not Win The NBA Title

Many thought last year's playoff bust was a temporary set-back, but things don't look good for The Lake Show. If they don't pull off a Dwight Howard deal, it might be time to panic.

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