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Which NBA Team Are You Based On Your Personality?

Are you more of a Laker or a Wizard?

Rawan Eewshah 3 years ago

11 Quotes From Harry Potter To Help You Cope With Loss

"The ones that love us never really leave us."

Rawan Eewshah 3 years ago

16 Hilariously Dirty Sports Vines

You gotta find the gaping hole, then penetrate it.

Ellie Sunakawa 3 years ago

13 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself In The Face Of Islamophobia

The world is a pretty terrible place right now. Here are some ways to deal with it all.

Zainab Shah 3 years ago

NBA Jerseys Look Way Better As Soccer Kits

Graphic designer Alexandre De Sève says he's a big fan of both sports and wanted to try something he's never been done before.

Rawan Eewshah 3 years ago

14 Soccer Players Who Will Make You Forget Beckham Even Exists

A tribute to the underrated hotties of the soccer world.

Rawan Eewshah 3 years ago

Cam Newton Gives Football To Fan Who Recently Lost His Dad

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton went out of his way to make a kid's day.

Rawan Eewshah 4 years ago

17 Reasons Why Port Authority Is Literally Hell On Earth

The Dante's Inferno of public transportation.

Rawan Eewshah 4 years ago

NBA Players Illustrated As Star Wars Characters

On an NBA court far, far away...

Rawan Eewshah 4 years ago
Rawan Eewshah 4 years ago

Quirky Things You Never Knew About NBA Players

The 2015-16 NBA season tips off Tuesday, October 27 on TNT!

Rawan Eewshah 4 years ago

8 Cubs Fans Who Can Totally Use A Hug Right Now

One hundred and seven years is a long time to wait for a World Series victory...

Rawan Eewshah 4 years ago
Rawan Eewshah 4 years ago

17 Things Unmarried Arab Girls Are Tired Of Hearing


Sara Yasin 4 years ago
Mollie Shafer-Schweig 4 years ago

Guess Which USWNT Star Will Be A Bridesmaid At Sydney Leroux's Wedding

BuzzFeed caught up with the soccer star to talk about being a bride, having kids, and her future with USWNT.

Rawan Eewshah 4 years ago

Serena Williams' Advice To Young Girls: "You Can Be Anyone, You Can Do Anything"

The Queen of Tennis recently debuted her HSN line on the New York Fashion Week runway.

Rawan Eewshah 4 years ago

People Are Tweeting #NetflixListen To Get This Series About A Muslim Hero Made

The show's Muslim star was tired of being typecast as a terrorist, so he's publicly pitching his own show to Netflix instead.

Rawan Eewshah 4 years ago

A Look Back At Every Match Between Venus And Serena Williams

The Williams sisters have met 14 times in Grand Slam events, 27 times in total.

Rawan Eewshah 4 years ago

Can You List ALL 32 NFL Team Names In Five Minutes?

How good is your knowledge when the clock is ticking?

Richard Beech 4 years ago