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13 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself In The Face Of Islamophobia

The world is a pretty terrible place right now. Here are some ways to deal with it all.

There's been no shortage of anti-Muslim hate speech and attacks, and if you're feeling bullied, stressed, anxious, or just sad, you're not alone.

We recently asked Twitter to share the best ways to take care of yourself in the face of this hate.

1. Unplug.

Turn off your phone, get off the internet, walk away from your TV.

2. Focus on the solidarity and positive energy around you.

Twitter: @BigHPrivateEye

"I hang out with people who are intelligent enough to talk about these issues but we only discuss it in limited quantities." —@taiyyaba

3. Pray or meditate.

"The power of prayer and community cannot be overstated." —@MsMakkah

4. Call your mom.

Twitter: @airhrs

Moms always know what to do.

5. Eat your mom's food.

Hug her before AND after.

6. Watch cute videos of babies and puppies.

7. Talk if you need to. Rely on your squad.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

"Having Muslim homies a gchat or WhatsApp group away is a lifeline rn." —@MsMakkah

8. Read a book, listen to good music, watch a movie.

"Turn off all devices and read a book ... might be the only way to escape all the nonsense out there right now." —@adamgdunn

9. Indulge in your favorite comfort food.

Instagram: @littlemuslimthings

"Bake lots of seasonal desserts." —@rainandcoffee

10. Don't let negativity and hate question your self-worth.

11. Grab a coloring book.

"I've started using colouring books and sometimes spend hours just colouring to stop thinking about the rampant Islamophobia." —@taalluq

12. Look at pictures of Zayn Malik.

🌀🌀🌀 Get lost in a Google image search 🌀🌀🌀

13. Don't engage with the haters.

Interscope / Via