These Are The Hottest Soccer Players In The World

    Someone grab me a water bottle because the thirst is real.

    10. Mesut Ozil

    Kisses for moi??

    9. Chicharito

    I mean, only a real man could pull off this shade of hot pink.

    8. Neymar Jr.

    Homeboy can rock ANY hairstyle too.

    7. Claudio Marchisio

    Same tbh.

    6. James Rodriguez


    5. Sergio Ramos

    Here Sergio, let me help you take that shirt completely off.

    4. Marc Bartra

    NO. WORDS.

    3. Gerard Pique

    I can't.

    2. Olivier Giroud

    Oh believe me honey bunches you DO NOT HAVE TO BEG.


    1. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Like, really?

    Yes, really.