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    #GirlDad Is Trending On Social Media Because Of Kobe Bryant And It's Bringing Tears To My Eyes

    Being a "girl dad" was one of the NBA legend's greatest joys in life.

    In a recent segment on ESPN, anchor Elle Duncan shared a touching moment between her and NBA legend Kobe Bryant. During a casual conversation backstage at an ESPN event, Bryant talked with Duncan about one of his greatest joys in life: being a "girl dad."

    The Kobe story Elle Duncan shared on Sportscenter was so heartfelt and heartbreaking, more people need to see it. "The only small source of comfort for me, is knowing that he died doing what he loved the most: being a dad. Being a girl dad." @elleduncanESPN #RIPGigi #RIPKobe

    These words particularly resonated with people in a special way after his untimely death in a helicopter crash that also claimed the lives of eight others, including his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna.

    People on social media, particularly dads, are sharing photos with their own daughters and the now viral hashtag #girldad. Here are some of the many beautiful photos shared:

    I’m a #girldad - love you ⁦@Avagracemiles⁩

    Legacy. My daughter is already an incredible artist... like her dad. #GirlDad

    Biological she ain’t mines, but I’m the only dad she ever known ❤️😍 #GirlDad

    I love both of my boys, but having a daughter just hits different! #girldad ❤️

    @elleduncanESPN “Daddy, let’s dance but I want to be taller.” Say no more. #girldad

    I had to post this #girldad. I love this kid.

    @NXTCiampa @elleduncanESPN Future #girldad

    #girldad 💙💙LOVE YOU JellyBean💙💙

    @elleduncanESPN Thank you for this amazing thread, Elle. I love being a #girldad.

    Nothing in the world is quite like being a #girldad

    If you have pics and want to share in on the #girldad magic, drop your (un)professionally-shot photos below. <3