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    The Internet Responded Hilariously To The NBA Draft Lottery

    The Knicks dropped out of the top 3 and all hell broke loose.

    It started with the New York Knicks getting the 4th pick in the NBA Draft.

    As you can imagine, Knicks fans wanted AT LEAST a top 3 pick.

    Knicks Lottery viewing party reaction:

    This is how Knicks General Manager Steve Mills reacted to the news.

    The NEW YORK KNICKS have the 4th Pick…

    And then twitter reacted accordingly.

    The MJ Crying meme was sure to make several appearances throughout the night.

    Had a few requests… so, here ya go.

    And of course, Knicks Twitter were sure to voice their frustrations.

    3 cant miss prospects in this year's draft so OF COURSE the Knicks get the 4th pick. OF COURSE. WHYYYYY GOD? WHY DID YOU DO THAT SHARON?

    how come the Knicks don't love winning man?

    Some pretended that everything was ok.

    This blue and orange life so rough bruh

    Others just embraced it.

    Naturally, the Daily News had their fun.

    Here's our back page. @nydnsports #knicks #nbadraft #yankees #mets

    But that's not all that happened! The Lakers got the #2 pick!

    BREAKING: Lakers win No. 2 pick.

    And boy did fans have fun with that...

    Whoever the Lakers draft is going to have lots of fun not getting the ball from Kobe, Rondo or Greg Monroe.

    Lakers fans went berserk.

    Lakers fans Freaking out right now at this draft party.

    But while twitter was burning, Kobe Bryant was unbothered watching Dancing With The Stars.

    While the Internet lost its mind over the #NBADraftLottery, @kobebryant was watching Dancing With The Stars.

    He did, however, provide us with this golden nugget.

    We played like crap all season so it's only right we get the #2 pick HA #lakerluck #goodday

    But the most important item of the night: The Minnesota Timberwolves got the #1 pick.

    Can't wait for the actual draft on June 25 for all hell to break loose!

    Twitter: @cjzero / Via NBA