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11 Heartbreaking And Shocking New Details Jennette McCurdy Revealed About Her Relationship With Her Mother On "Red Table Talk"

"Everything I said was prefaced with a disclaimer of, 'Well, this happened, but my mom meant nothing by this.' I couldn't just say the truth to my therapist. There was a disclaimer and protection and guards around every single thing that I said. And at one point, [my therapist] said to me, 'You don't need to defend her every single time you bring her up.' And that opened the floodgates."

Jennette McCurdy Discussed What It Was Like Portraying A “Food-Obsessed” Character On “iCarly” While She Was Dealing With Dangerous Eating Disorders In Real Life

Jennette recently revealed that she asked the iCarly producers to “dial back” on all the food-related jokes about her character after constantly facing fans quipping about her eating habits in real life and gifting her desserts.

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