19 Famous People You Forgot Appeared On "iCarly"

    From Michelle Obama to One Direction.

    1. Michelle Obama in "iMeet the First Lady"

    Michelle Obama in an "iCarly" scene with Spencer

    2. Emma Stone in "iFind Spencer Friends"

    Emma Stone freaks out as an "iCarly" fan when spotting them

    3. Jimmy Fallon in "iShock America"

    4. Tina Fey in "iShock America"

    Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey on Carly's computer screen during a video call

    5. Jordan Fisher in "iSpeed Date"

    6. Jane Lynch in "iSam’s Mom"

    Jane Lynch, next to Sam Puckett, playing her mom, Pam Puckett

    7. Austin Butler in "iLike Jake"

    Austin Butler plays guitar and sings during an iCarly web show

    8. Emily Ratajkowski in "iSpeed Date" and "iEnrage Gibby"

    Gibby stands next to his girlfriend, Tasha, at school

    9. Jim Parsons in "iLost My Mind"

    Freddie and Carly stand next to Jim Parson, who plays Caleb in an episode

    10. Chord Overstreet in "iSpeed Date"

    Chord Overstreet being interviewed as a contestant during Carly's speed-dating session

    11. Jack Black in "iStart a Fan War"

    Carly poses for a photo with Jack Black, who is dressed in medieval attire for his character

    12. Victoria Justice in "iFight Shelby Marx"

    Victoria Justice looks serious while standing in the doorway, ready to talk

    13. Randall Park in "iGot Detention"

    Randall Park plays a teacher while talking to Freddie, with Sam looking on in the background in dentention

    14. David Archuleta in "iRocked the Vote"

    David Archuleta stands next to Carly during an "iCarly" web show

    15. Taran Killam in "iMeet the First Lady"

    Next to Carly, Taram Killam looks serious next as one of Michelle Obama's Secret Service agents

    16. Harry Shum Jr. in "iGo to Japan"

    Harry Shum Jr as Yuki, next to his fellow internet co-star, Kyoko, in "iGo to Japan"

    17. Kenan Thompson in "iParty With Victorious"

    Kenan Thompson makes funny faces at the camera next to Carly and Tori during an "iCarly" web show

    18. Lucas Cruikshank in "iMeet Fred"

    Lucas plays Fred, who screams, during an "iCarly" web show

    19. Last: One Direction in "iGo One Direction"

    The five boys of One Direction perform live during an "iCarly" web show

    What other celebrity guest stars do you remember on iCarly? Let us know in the comments below!