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    17 Times Kids Shows Had Super Problematic Jokes And Scenes That Should Have Been Left On The Cutting Room Floor

    I don't know how some of these Victorious and Jessie jokes were actually said on kids TV.

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about moments from Nickelodeon and Disney Channel shows that were actually pretty problematic, looking back. Here are their responses!

    Note: Some submissions include topics of eating disorders and anti-trans language.

    1. On Victorious, when Beck made a joke about his aunt being transgender and purposefully misgendered her to make a joke:

    Robbie remembers that cars are called "she," and Beck reminds him boats and airplanes are, too, and also his uncle "Barbara" with finger quotes

    2. On Hannah Montana, when Jackson continuously sexualized Siena just because she was a bikini model:

    Jackson says, "Dad, we're talking about Siena. A girl in fashion magazines. A girl who models b-b-b-b-bikinis!"
    Disney Channel

    "They just couldn't stop objectifying the poor girl."


    3. On Girl Meets World, when the gang acted like their friendship with Farkle would change if he had Asperger's, and Maya encouraged him to hide his symptoms:

    Lucas reads that a symptom of Asperger's is going on about a subject others aren't interested in, and Riley says they're interested in everything he's interested in — Farkle starts talking about history and Maya tells him to stop
    Disney Channel

    "Riley and Maya literally acted like their whole friendship with Farkle would change and be jeopardized because he told them he might have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Like they for real acted like he wouldn’t be the same person just because of that diagnosis."


    4. On Jessie, when Luke wouldn't stop flirting with Jessie and at one point revealed he'd set up a camera in her room:

    Luke says he's checking the webcam in her bedroom, and his siblings look at him strangely
    Disney Channel

    5. On Hannah Montana, when Oliver and Lilly pulled at a Black woman's hair because it was blocking Oliver's view and then ended up pulling her wig off:

    Lilly and Oliver get their hands stuck in a Black woman's hair, then pull and the wig flies off and hits Hannah in the face
    Disney Channel

    "There is an episode of Hannah Montana where Oliver and Lilly go to watch Miley (as Hannah) play in a celebrity tennis match. A Black woman sits in front of Oliver, and it’s this big joke that her locs are too 'big' and blocking Oliver’s view. Even worse, he then proceeds to touch her hair without her consent and even gets his hands stuck in it. I was rewatching the show recently and was shocked. I couldn’t even finish the episode."


    6. On iCarly, when a Confederate flag was just randomly hanging in a classroom:

    Arrow pointing to Confederate flag hanging off the wall

    7. On Sam & Cat, when people with dwarfism were used for comedic purposes and referred to as things rather than people:

    Sam says Cat is supposed to be studying, have red hair, and not supposed to be handcuffed to "that" (referring to a man with dwarfism who is handcuffed to her)

    8. On Jessie, when there was a suggestive joke about Mrs. Chesterfield squeezing Bertram's buttcheeks when he was sleeping:

    Mrs. Chesterfield says, "I just want to squeeze his cheeks" and Jessie says, "Please tell me you mean his face"
    Disney Channel

    9. Any time girls were sexualized on Dan Schneider's shows, but especially in the Victorious bonus scene when Cat tried to drink water upside down but it was super sexual:

    Cat pouring water on herself upside down
    Nickelodeon / Via

    "The bonus clip of Ariana Grande as Cat in Cat’s bedroom, lying backward with her face upside down and writhing whilst pouring water on her face and chest. Dan [Schneider] labelled it as her trying to drink water upside down, but anyone who’s watched it knows the angles and the little girl sounds she makes are suggestive of something else."


    10. Along with anything to do with their feet:


    "Whole subplots of iCarly and Victorious were around showing footage of the actors’ feet — Carly getting her toe stuck in the tap while taking a bath, the tiny fish that eat skin cells and make your feet soft in Victorious."


    Editor's Note: Schneider produced a number of popular Nickelodeon shows in the '90s, 2000s, and 2010s, but he and Nickelodeon parted ways in 2018 after rumors of abuse complaints against Schneider, though the official story is that it was a natural time to end their partnership. Many fans have pointed out a sexualization of young girls in Schneider's shows, particularly having to do with feet.

    11. On Jessie, when the kids made fun of Stuart for being gluten-free (the episode was later pulled):

    Zuri throws bread at Stuart, who yells "Ah! Gluten!" as Ravi says Stuart makes him look macho
    Disney Channel / Via

    12. On Victorious (and in bonus features of Cat), when they constantly made a joke out of Cat and her brother's mental health:

    Cat answers a tweet asking what's wrong with her, saying her parents took her to doctors but they don't know, and also says she has to go because her brother is going back to the "clinic" for a while
    Nickelodeon / Via

    13. On iCarly, when the episode "iGo to Japan" was filled with racist stereotypes and vilification of Japanese characters:

    Freddie's mom says the kids have been kidnapped by evil Japanese web comedians, and later Sam says she finds Japenese people arguing funny

    "I think the whole iCarly episode of 'iGo to Japan' needs to be scrutinized. The whole episode was a racist, insulting stereotype."


    14. On Jessie, when Ravi's whole character was a stereotype, and his Indian heritage was continuously played for laughs:

    Ravi says, "Stupid video game! It's like eating hot curry! I love it, but I always get burned in the end!" and also, "This is much more fun than playing Duck Duck Mongoose"
    Disney Channel

    "Ravi's entire character in Jessie. They fixed it in Bunk'd, but barely anyone who watched Jessie watches Bunk'd."


    15. Everything about Carly, Sam, and Freddie's friend group in iCarly:

    Sam suggests doing a sketch where they hit a pinata, and Carly guesses that Freddie will play the pinata — he asks why all her ideas involve hitting him

    "Freddie in iCarly did not understand consent. He was always hassling Carly to get her to kiss him when she didn't want to. Also, Sam bullied Freddie so much. It was just a toxic group of friends."


    "Everything to do with Seddie: both the actual relationship and the general dynamic across the whole show. Sam was consistently dismissive of and awful to Freddie... Freddie regularly got treated as the butt of the joke with little reward for the trouble he was put through, which sometimes involved emotional and physical abuse."


    16. On Victorious, when a Breakfast Club–themed episode suggested that Robbie should be embarrassed about being a virgin:

    Jade accuses Robbie of being a vegan, and Robbie says he didn't want Tori to know

    "That one episode of Victorious where Robbie doesn't want to try a taco and they literally make fun of him by calling him a vegan."


    "[It] was supposed to be a parody/homage of The Breakfast Club; the scene where they eat tacos was supposed to be in the movie where they smoke weed, and 'vegan' was their more kid-friendly version of 'virgin.' So yeah, still kinda fucked up considering how it was definitely not a kids movie."


    17. And finally, on So Random, when a sketch made light of eating disorders by having a character brag about how little he ate (the sketch was later pulled):

    In the sketch, Angus is introduced as someone who only eats one full meal a week because his agent wants him to look his best, telling him that he won't get jobs if he eats carbs
    Disney Channel

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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