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    15 Random Episodes Of TV Shows That Completely Wrecked Me

    The Fleabag finale is too much.

    1. The Season 2 finale of The Office

    On "The Office", Jim says, "I'm in love with you," and Pam says, ""What"

    This episode is so devastating, I stay away from it. Pam's rejection of Jim is rough. Couldn't tell you the last time I watched this. 2013?

    Real Episode Title: "Casino Night"

    2. The Friends episode where Monica and Richard break up

    On "Friends", Monica and Richard are slow dancing and she says,  "So what now," Richard says "I guess we just keep dance," and they keep dancing
    Warner Bros.

    I've seen this too much to still cry or nearly cry every time I see Monica and Richard break up because she wants kids and he's already had his. It's a problem.

    Real Episode Title: "The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding"

    3. Also, the Friends episode where Rachel and Ross break up

    Rachel says to Ross, "I really think you need to go now"
    Warner Bros.

    Jennifer Aniston is wiiiiiiiiildly good. The way she says, "You're a totally different person to me now"??? Jesus fucking Christ.

    Real Episode Title: "The One with the Morning After"

    4. The last episode of Fleabag

    Fleabag looks at the camera and walks away
    Two Brothers Pictures

    I don't want to talk about it. My sadness will never pass.

    Real Episode Title: "Episode 6"

    5. The Stranger Things "The Spy" episode

    Will from "Stranger Things" says, "They shouldn't have done that, it upset him"

    This wrecked me in the sense that I was gasping the entire time and I'm sure my heart rate was much too high. It's the best Stranger Things episode. Everyone should watch it weekly.

    Real Episode Title: "Chapter Six: The Spy"

    6. The Money Heist with ******'s death


    One of the greatest TV deaths. If you disagree, we need to have a formal debate whenever you're available.

    Real Episode Title: "Part 2, Episode 8" (according to Netflix)

    7. The "Eggs" episode of New Girl

    Cece's doctor says, "Maybe we should talk in private," and Cece looks worried
    Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures / 20th Century Fox Television

    You may not see it coming, but be warned: Cece's potential difficulty getting pregnant will hurt. You're not just watching Nick get drunk at the zoo here.

    Real Episode Title: "Eggs"

    8. The Love Island Series 5 Casa Amor return

    Anna, Amy, and Maura from "Love Island UK" series 5 looking worried and angry

    I cried in a public place while watching this. That's a thing that happened.

    Real Episode Title: "Episode 26" (according to Hulu)

    9. The iCarly finale

    On a webcast, Carly and Sam say, "And this has been iCarly" and Carly closes the computer while she watches this later
    Nickelodeon Network

    Yes, I did get emotional as a kid when iCarly ended. Am I ashamed? No. Am I a little ashamed and I'm pretending I'm not? Yes.

    Real Episode Title: "iGoodbye"

    10. The last episode of Big Little Lies Season 1

    "Big Little Lies" characters looking over an outdoor set of stairs at a body
    Home Box Office (HBO)

    Like "The Spy" episode of Stranger Things, this was an edge-of-my-seat situation, but with more emotion attached. Absolutely kill him and then hang out on that beach. 100%.

    Real Episode Title: "You Get What You Need"

    11. The Doctor Who episode where Matt Smith leaves

    The Eleventh Doctor says, "I will always remember when The Doctor was me"

    This is a Christmas special, but leave me alone. Thirteen-year-old me cried at the television. I'm so over it now though. Totz. LOLz. It's NBD.

    Real Episode Title: "The Time of the Doctor"

    12. The Cheers finale

    Sam says, "Sorry, we're closed," and straights a picture of Geronimo hanging in the bar, and then walks back to his office
    Charles/Burrows/Charles Productions

    This one gets to me more now than it did when I first watched it. Without Cheers, will anybody know your name? Will they always be glad you came?

    Real Episode Title: "One for the Road"

    13. The Gilmore Girls episode where Rory sleeps with married Dean

    Lorelai sees Rory and Dean just slept together
    Warner Bros. Television

    The before scene between Rory and Dean is a hard watch, but the scene afterward between Rory and Lorelai is heartbreaking. "He's my Dean"? NO HE IS NOT, RORY! HE IS NOT!

    Real Episode Title: "Raincoats and Recipes"

    14. The finale of The Good Place

    Eleanor walks into the final door in the finale
    Fremulon / NBC

    If I'm ever in the mood to sob all night and stare at the wall while my tears need a respite, I'll make sure to put this on.

    Real Episode Title: "Whenever You're Ready"

    15. And also the episode of The Good Place where *****'s memory is wiped

    Fremulon / NBC

    Noooooope. No. Nope. I'm out. I'm done with this list. Thanks. Bye.

    Real Episode Title: "Pandemonium"

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