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    21 Nickelodeon And Disney Channel Moments That Just Had No Right To Be So Dramatic And Shocking

    "Sing to me, Paolo."

    Like many of us, I was pretty obsessed with Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows and movies growing up. And while they were mostly lighthearted and funny, I kind of lived for the dramatic moments.

    Gabriella watches the tape of Troy saying "Gabriella is not important. I'll forget about her. I'll forget the audition" in High School Musical
    Disney Channel

    Here are 21 times Disney Channel and Nick literally made me gasp on the couch:

    1. When Miley told Jake she was Hannah on Hannah Montana:

    Hannah tells Jake she's Hannah Montana
    Disney Channel

    But like, did she need to do the whole wig/dress thing to reveal it?

    2. When Chase's "I love you" message for Zoey fell in the fountain and she never saw it on Zoey 101:

    messaging device in fountain with a message for Zoey from Chase that says "I love you"

    This was basically me in this moment.

    3. When Isabella exposed Paolo's lying ass in front of the world in The Lizzie McGuire Movie:


    I C O N I C.

    4. When Chase transferred to Zoey's school in England and Zoey transferred back to PCA, just when we thought they were going to be together on Zoey 101:

    Chase says "Zoey transferred to PCA?" and Zoey says "Chase moved to England?"


    5. When Mitchie's lie was exposed in Camp Rock:

    Disney Channel

    Why was this so dramatic?? She just pretended like she was rich 'cause she knew Tess would bully her. Shane acted like she'd been like...idk, selling a story to the press about him or something, not lying about her mom's job.

    6. When Troy and Gabriella dramatically broke up and Gabriella quit in High School Musical 2:

    In High School Musical 2, during "Gotta go my own way," troy sings "What about everything we've been through?" and Gabriella replies "well, what about trust?"
    Disney Channel

    This is the song I would dramatically scream (both parts of) in the shower...okay, fine, I still do.

    7. When Chad asked Sonny out on Sonny With a Chance:

    Chad asking Sonny, "Sonny, will you go out with me?"
    Disney Channel

    I started screaming at the TV and jumping up and down.

    8. When Justin forgot who Alex was and then disappeared in the Wizards of Waverly Place Movie:

    Disney Channel

    One of the darkest Disney Channel moments, tbh.

    9. When it seemed like Ren had killed Louis in the Even Stevens Movie:

    Ren pushing Louis off a cliff
    Disney Channel

    Never mind. THIS is the darkest Disney Channel moment. I literally thought she'd killed him.

    10. When Freddie literally got hit by a bus on iCarly:

    Sam tells Spencer that Carly was crossing the street and didn't see a taco truck coming, so Freddie pushed her out of the way and got hit

    They didn't show the actual scene and quickly jumped past it back to comedy, but still, this was super shocking to me.

    11. When Chase's grandmother died and Zoey went to comfort him in the rain on Zoey 101:

    Zoey hugging Chase in the rain

    This was so dark and unexpected, especially on Chase's BIRTHDAY.

    12. When Zack thought the ghost had taken everyone and was coming for him next in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody:

    Zack begs Esteban to hang up on the ghost, but he says Esteban is gone and the ghost reaches out to Zack
    Disney Channel


    13. When an obsessed fan kidnapped Carly, Freddie, and Sam and then basically tried to kill Gibby on iCarly:

    the fan tries to hit Gibby with a fire poker then almost knocks him out, while Freddie, Carly, and Sam beg him to get up

    You take out the laugh track in this episode, and it's absolutely harrowing.

    14. When Sam literally checked herself into a psych ward because she liked Freddie on iCarly:

    Sam in her psych ward room painting

    Can we talk about how problematic this storyline was?

    15. And then they fought and Sam finally admitted her feelings for him AND THEY KISSED AGAIN:


    You're lying if you say you didn't cheer.

    16. When Patrick and Spongebob were literally dying and experiencing their last moments together in The Spongebob Squarepants Movie:

    Paramount Pictures

    Pretty damn dark.

    17. When Kim found out Eric was a Syntho-Drone and then he electrocuted her in Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama:

    Kim hugs Eric, saying he's okay, and Eric says he's Syntho-Drone 901 then electrocutes her
    Disney Channel

    And then Ron FINALLY (sort of) admitted his feelings for her when she woke up!! Too much for my heart to take.

    18. When Chase dug up the time capsule to see what Zoey said about him on Zoey 101:

    Chase and Michael dig up the capsule, then Chase watches the video, hearing Zoey say how special he is, then stopping the video

    I am still mad to this day that we didn't hear what she said that episode, even though it was definitely the right thing to do to stop the video and he really should not have even dug it up in the first place. Side note: Everyone deserves a friend like Michael, who will dig up a time capsule to steal a video your crush made at 3 a.m., then help you come to the conclusion that it was the wrong thing to do.

    19. When the blue spirit saved Aang and then was revealed to be Zuko on Avatar: The Last Airbender:


    My face watching this... :O

    20. When Miley revealed she was Hannah in Hannah Montana: The Movie:

    Miley, as Hannah, says the last time she was on that stage, she was just Miley at age 6, and she still is Miley, then takes her wig off

    I still don't get how people knew Robbie Ray was both Hannah and Miley's dad, and didn't put two and two together before this.

    21. And finally, when Kal revealed he'd tricked Marnie in Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge:

    Marnie realizes Kal tricked her into getting to the spellbook, but he says he could've stolen it without tricking her, but he wanted to make her feel something between them

    The biggest Disney betrayal until, "Oh, Anna. If only there was someone out there who loved you."

    What super dramatic Disney/Nick moment shocked you as a kid? Let us know in the comments!