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    23 Questions I Still Have About Nickelodeon Shows As An Adult

    I'm still upset Victorious didn't get a finale, tbh.

    When I was growing up, you couldn't ask me to pick between Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

    However, all these years later, I still have so many questions about my favorite Nickelodeon shows.

    So, without further ado, here are 23 questions I still have about Nickelodeon shows as an adult:

    1. How did Tori Vega bag the lead role in every single production at Hollywood Arts on Victorious?

    she starred in three plays over the course of the show

    2. On iCarly, how did Spencer get an ostrich all the way to the apartment without anyone questioning him?

    the scene has become a meme

    3. Was Drake and Josh a reality show within the iCarly/Victorious universe?

    Carly watched "Drake and Josh" on TV

    4. How did no one notice Cat had been living in the school's attic?

    she took us residence in a storage closet above the theater

    5. How did they get Snoop Dogg to guest-star on the Big Time Rush Christmas special?

    he even recorded a song with them

    6. Why was Carly in charge of nursing Harry Styles back to health?

    he stayed in her bed while she waited on him hand and foot

    7. Why wasn't Ariana Grande allowed to wear a wig on Victorious instead of being forced to permanently damage her hair by constantly dying it?

    she had to have candy apple red hair as Cat

    8. Why was How to Rock canceled after only one season?

    the show follows a high school rock band

    9. There was an entire episode of Victorious dedicated to how Trina got into Hollywood Arts, but how did she stay enrolled?

    she was notoriously untalented

    10. Why did Freddie's overprotective mom let him keep hanging out with Sam, who always bullied him?

    she was always beating him up

    11. Was Cat's bibble made with the addictive cactus juice from Zoey 101?

    it looked like candy popcorn

    12. Why was Amanda so jealous of True when they literally worked in different divisions?

    13. How did any of the faculty at Hollywood Arts keep their jobs?

    14. Why did Robbie carry that puppet around school?

    he treated the ventriloquist dummy as if it was a real person

    15. How did Megan get ahold of the Peruvian puff peppers?

    Drake and Josh stole it from her

    16. Why didn't Tori just do her project earlier instead of waiting until she was on the plane?

    Tori Skyed Andre from the plane to complete the project

    17. Why did Carlos always wear his hockey helmet?

    he was rarely within his helmet, especially in the early seasons

    18. Why didn't Tori post that she needed someone to bring her money at Nozu instead of vagueposting about her and Robbie being forced to work off their bill?

    on the Slap, she posted that they were stuck had Nozu with "a billion pounds of gross squid"

    19. How late was the Mad Style office open if True and Lulu were working around school hours?

    they still had classes to take

    20. Why did Victorious force a love story between Tori and Beck when they could've given us a friends-to-lovers romance for the ages with Tori and Andre?

    Tori and Andre had so much chemistry, but Tori and Beck had none

    21. Why did Kendall and Jo have to break up in order for her to film a movie in New Zealand?

    he kissed her at the airport before they broke up

    22. Why wasn't Beck given more opportunities to sing?

    he only sang on the "Tori the Zombie" episode

    23. And finally, why didn't Victorious get a proper finale?

    in the last scene, Tori, Jade, and Trina ran around dressed as cheese

    Do you know the answers or have any theories in response to my questions? Or do you have any questions of your own? Let me know in the comments!