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    27 Times TV Shows Got Rid Of Characters Then Pretended Like They Never Even Existed

    Looking at you, Degrassi and Saved by the Bell.

    Look, characters leave TV shows all the time. They get sent on a bus, go off to college, or die. But every once in a while, characters will literally just...inexplicably vanish into thin air.

    Here are 27 teen characters who basically disappeared and were rarely (if ever) mentioned again.

    Spoilers ahead!!

    1. Kendra, Terri, Dave, Wesley, Leia, and Arlene from Degrassi: The Next Generation

    2. And Darcy and Tori from Degrassi: The Next Generation

    Darcy on the left, Tori on the right

    3. Also, Snake and Spike's son Jack from Degrassi: The Next Generation

    Jack Simpson as a toddler

    4. Lindsay from The O.C.

    Lindsay and Ryan

    5. Zach and Alex from The O.C.

    Alex on the left, Zach on the right

    6. Aria's brother, Mike, from Pretty Little Liars

    Mike and Aria

    7. The father of Adrianna's baby Ty from 90210

    father of adrianna's baby

    8. Lane's boyfriend Dave from Gilmore Girls

    dave in gilmore girls looking confused

    9. Sheri from 13 Reasons Why

    Sheri and Clay making out

    10. Tim from One Tree Hill

    Tim and Nathan steal the school bus in the pilot

    11. Jessie's stepbrother Eric from Saved by the Bell

    Jessie and Eric

    12. Kelly and Jessie from Saved by the Bell

    kelly and jessie looking at eachother

    13. All of the parents on Elite (except for Ander and Rebe's moms)

    Omar hugs his dad goodbye at the airprort

    14. Vanessa from Party of Five (2020)

    Emilio and Vanessa hooking up

    15. Scott, Serena and Dan's half brother, from Gossip Girl

    Scott talking to Rufus

    16. Ethan from 90210

    Ethan in the halls

    17. Danny from Teen Wolf

    Danny talking to Ethan

    18. Aaron Rose, Serena's boyfriend and Blair's stepbrother, from Gossip Girl


    19. Robin, Sue's baby, from Glee

    Sue holding Robin

    20. Donna’s sisters Tina and Valerie on That '70s Show


    21. Jesse, Xander’s best friend, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    jesse looking upset

    22. Jamie, Bonnie's adoptive stepbrother from The Vampire Diaries

    Jamie raising his hand

    23. Minkus and Mr. Turner from Boy Meets World

    24. Mikayla, Hannah's rival from Hannah Montana

    Mikayla on the phone

    25. Gigi, the mean girl from Wizards of Waverly Place

    Gigi at school

    26. Waverly and Santiago from Friday Night Lights

    27. And finally, Pete Wentz from One Tree Hill

    Pete talking to Peyton on a wooden swing bench