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    These 11 Wholesome Male TV Characters Are Actually The Best And I Will Not Be Accepting Anything Otherwise

    Spencer Shay has always understood the assignment.

    1. Chidi Anagonye, The Good Place


    The poor man went from being constantly paralyzed by worry that his actions would negatively affect someone to being a crucial part of fixing a system damning everyone on earth to eternal torture, and still retained his consideration and kindness. Your MCM could never.


    2. Ted Mullins, Schitt's Creek

    A chest up image of Ted Mullins wearing his blue vet scrubs and standing next to the front desk of his vet clinic. There are diplomas on the wall and pet accessories in the background.
    CBC/ Pop

    We love a man who loves puns. We love a man who loves animals. We love Ted Mullins. Ted is a truly sweet man with a kind heart. He accepts the Roses exactly as they are, and nothing shows his selflessness more than his respectful acceptance of Alexis deciding not to move to the Galapagos with him. He cared enough about her to understand that it didn’t mean Alexis didn’t love him, and showed her nothing but support in choosing to focus on her own personal growth.


    3. Bow, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

    An excited Bow smiles broadly while waving his hands in the air.

    Listen, if you haven’t watched this series, go do it now. The writing and representation are nothing less than superb, and I’m not ashamed to admit it took about four consecutive rewatches before I had my fill. Never before has a character so embodied the spirit of true friendship. This brave and clever inventor is the kind of friend everyone should have.


    4. Spencer Shay, iCarly

    Spencer Shay sits on the couch, amused as he holds a squirrel sculpture made from camera parts which has inexplicably lit on fire

    Maybe I’m just riding the nostalgia train with the iCarly reboot, but Spencer is just a big, lovable goofball. He’s always there for Carly and her friends, and even though he’s 26 in the original — a time when a lot of people are embracing their freedom and exploring the world around them — he never sees Carly as a burden. Sibling relationships this strong are rare. Plus, you gotta love someone being so unapologetically themselves!


    5. Ben Wyatt, Parks & Recreation

    Ben Wyatt is dressed in a suit and clings to the side of a short fence in an attempt to climb over it.

    In all his roles in the government (YES THAT INCLUDES HIS STINT AS MAYOR), Ben Wyatt was always striving for something better for the people he loves. The depth of his love for Leslie leaps through the screen, and he always goes the extra mile for his friends. And who doesn’t stan the creator of the Cones of Dunshire?!

    peacock / NBC/Giphy

    6. Sokka, Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Sokka drools as he offers a piece of cactus to quench thirst.

    Sokka matures so much over the course of the show, and repeatedly demonstrates a humility and willingness to admit when he’s wrong and learn from his mistakes. He’s deeply protective of his friends and family, and his lack of bending abilities never discourages him. When Sokka’s not drinking cactus juice, he’s drinking his respect women juice.


    7. Ron Swanson, Parks & Recreation


    Listen, “wholesome” doesn’t mean “has never done anything wrong in his life and all his views are correct.” Ron has some outdated views here and there, but he evolves from being kind of selfish and uncaring to a family man who’s able to swallow his pride and take a job with the *gasp* federal government. He recognizes the value and intelligence of being able to work with your hands and often goes above and beyond for his friends in subtle ways.


    8. Abed Nadir, Community

    Abed makes a weird face. His hair is mussed and he is wearing a t shirt and zippered hoodie

    Despite all the challenges he faced growing up, Abed Nadir has the passion, courage, and intelligence to pursue his dreams of filmmaking. He’s unapologetic in his eccentricities, and he even delivers a baby in the background of one episode! And of course, you can’t talk about Abed without acknowledging his amazing bromance with Troy Barnes. Neither one is afraid to show his buddy all his love and they support and complement each other so well!


    9. Johnny Rose, Schitt's Creek

    Johnny Rose stands in his night shirt, dripping wet from a leak in the ceiling.

    Okay, I know Johnny wasn’t always the greatest father, but it’s how we face adversity that truly defines us, and in the course of six seasons, Johnny comes to embrace and value the time he spent in Schitt’s Creek. He becomes a much better father to his children, and even steps into a father-figure role with Stevie. Even if he can be a bit tone-deaf at times, Johnny has a heart of gold, and his relationship with Moira is just adorable!


    10. Jamal, On My Block

    Jamal wears a black and white headband with a flower on it, and an orange t shirt

    Jamal never fails to make me laugh, and is another fantastic example of someone who knows how to be a good friend. He cares deeply about Cesar, Ruby, and Monse. He’s always trying to help them out of whatever sticky situation they find themselves in, and his relationship with Ruby’s grandmother is adorable.


    11. And Mr. Feeny, Boy Meets World


    Fee-heee-heee-nay! I spent so much of my time in the K-12 system desperately hoping that I would encounter a teacher as wise and invested in my education as Mr. Feeny was for Cory and the gang, and was woefully disappointed. Mr. Feeny was a gentle man who could be tough when he needed to, and always had the best interests of his students at heart.


    Did we miss one of your favorite TV male role models that you look up to? Let us know in the comments who you would add to this list!

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