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    19 Meals From TV Shows Binging With Babish Took From The Screen And Put On A Plate

    The osso buco from the iconic Office dinner party...

    Not too long ago, I did a deep dive into Binging with Babish's YouTube channel and rounded up all the movie meals he brought to life...and now it's time to do the same, but with his TV eats!

    1. The chili à la Kevin from The Office:

    2. The babka from Seinfeld:

    3. The Krabby Patty from SpongeBob SquarePants:

    4. The triple-decker Eggo extravaganza from Stranger Things:

    5. The English trifle à la Rachel from Friends:

    6. The spaghetti tacos from iCarly:

    7. The onigiri à la Brock from Pokémon:

    8. The ube cake from Steven Universe:

    9. The osso buco from The Office:

    10. The broth from The Mandalorian:

    11. The key lime pie from Dexter:

    12. The Paunch Burger from Parks & Recreation:

    13. The chocolate Christmas candy à la Monica from Friends:

    14. The biscuits from Ted Lasso:

    15. The meat-ghetti and spag-balls from American Dad!:

    16. The La Bombe éclair from The Simpsons:

    17. The teamster sandwich from 30 Rock:

    18. The triple gooberberry sunrise from SpongeBob SquarePants:

    19. Lastly, the enchiladas with folded-in cheese from Schitt's Creek: