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    Binging With Babish Made These 17 Movie Meals Real — And Edible — And Now I'm Hungies

    Apparently, according to Babish, the gray stuff is delicious.

    As someone who loves cinematic eats, the YouTube channel Binging with Babish* brings me much pleasure. Part of his channel is re-creating meals from movies and shows and making them edible. So, here's a collection of some of the best meals Babish has re-created from some iconic films:

    1. The crème de la crème à la Edgar from The Aristocats:

    Buena Vista Pictures,

    2. The tortilla sombrero from Despicable Me 2:


    3. The bangarang pie from Hook:

    Tri-Star Pictures,

    4. The ram-don from Parasite:


    5. The home ec tiramisu from Superbad:

    Sony Pictures,

    6. The orange mocha frappuccino from Zoolander:

    Paramount Pictures,

    7. The gray stuff (and various accoutrements) from Beauty and the Beast:

    Walt Disney,

    8. The hearty breakfast from Mulan:

    Walt Disney,

    9. The "Oh, my god" hot chocolate from The Simpsons Movie:

    10. The courtesan au chocolat from Grand Budapest Hotel:

    Fox Searchlight,

    11. The ratatouille from Ratatouille:


    12. The dessert-pasta from Elf:

    New Line Cinema,

    13. The boeuf bourguignon a lá Julia Child from Julie & Julia:

    Sony Pictures,

    14. The pasta puttanesca from Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events:

    Paramount Pictures,

    15. The spinach puffs a lá Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove:

    Buena Vista Pictures,

    16. The tricolor risotto from Big Night:

    The Samuel Goldwyn Company,

    17. Last, but not least, the chocolate cake from Matilda:

    Fox Searchlight,

    Be sure to subscribe to the Babish Culinary Universe on YouTube for more amazing content.

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