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I'm Super Curious To Hear About Your Existential Thoughts And Why You've Had Them

I put on my big boy thinking cap today.

Not too long ago, my train of thought took me on a long and winding ride of weird ideas that ended with me now seeing life as, "I've only seen this many summertimes," instead of "I am this many years old”.

But that got me remembering that ~everyone~ has odd trains of thoughts from time to time — and I wanna hear about your strange, philosophical, or perplexing thoughts!

Whether you think you've figured out the meaning to life while trying to decide what to have for dinner...

Thought a little too hard about the endlessness of space in the shower...

Or, became momentarily nihilistic while trying to take a mid-day power nap...

I wanna hear all about the existential rabbit holes your brain has made you go down! So tell us all about your deep thoughts in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!