50 Best BuzzFeed Posts From Community Members In 2013

BuzzFeed’s Community had a rockin’ 2013. In no particular order, here are 50 of our favorite posts. Learn more about BuzzFeed’s Community here!

13. The Beyonce And Solange Of Celebrity Siblings

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

By Santiblogo.

ID: 2175361

18. How It Feels To Fast During Ramadan

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

By HoneyScratch.

ID: 2175445

32. The Harsh Truth About College

Walt Disney Productions

By megansweet57.

ID: 2187968

36. 16 Inconsistencies In “Boy Meets World”

American Broadcasting Company

By Kaitlynn Knopp.

ID: 2189787

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ID: 2190107

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