45 Things That Look Just Like Your Childhood, Locked In Your Psychotic Father’s Subterranean Bomb Shelter

Cherish the mems!

2. These radiation emergency kits:

3. Father’s shadow puppets:

6. Father’s frightened eyes:

10. These books about the Illuminati:

11. This bucket of old hair:

13. A box full of lasers:

14. Boxes of assault rifles:

16. The culinary stylings of this Italian chef:

17. Water cooler jugs filled with human waste:

19. Father’s nervous hands:

20. Hungry Hungry Hippos!:

22. Slivers of blue sky glimpsed in the morning, when Father leaves for work:

23. What could be greater?:

24. Dehydrated ice-cream:

25. A chat with an imaginary robot:

26. Unsent letters to an absent God:

27. These tools for creating artistic masterpieces:

28. These tools for trying to burst open the hatch while Father sleeps:

29. …And this belt for when you woke him up:

30. Nickelodeon’s Gak:

33. Photo albums from before mom died:

35. Plastic girlfriend:

36. Father’s bald head as he hugs you uncomfortably tight

38. Empty bottles of beer and pills

41. This beautiful police station:

42. These new parents:

43. This amazing psychotherapist:

44. This bedroom filled with sunlight:

45. And terrifying Gushers’ commercials:

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