What It’s Like To Be Single As Told By Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, And Rebel Wilson

All my single ladies, all my single ladies. Yup, that’s me.

1. I don’t know how I feel about being single.

ID: 870768

2. Sometimes I’m like, “I got this.”

ID: 870776

3. Other days I’m like,

ID: 870779

4. Honestly most days I’m like,

ID: 870752

5. But then I see a picture of this guy.

ID: 870798

6. And all the sudden I’m like,

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7. So you do what any girl would do: brainstorm in the shower.

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8. Finally you’re like, “Yes, I’ve got it.”

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9. All I have to do is penetrate the dating world.

ID: 870792

10. You’re right, sorry. Back to dating.

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11. The problem is you’re not very good at “boys.”

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12. Because every time you meet a guy you like,

ID: 870743

13. which can be:

ID: 870733

14. and also terrifying…

ID: 870731

15. You need to take a chill pill, or some

ID: 870732

16. Because you need to stop saying things like,

ID: 870736

17. Or,

ID: 870782

18. Or,

ID: 870741

19. After all, it’s only the first date.

ID: 870783

20. So play it cool.

ID: 870784

21. Don’t be like,

ID: 870814

22. And don’t overreact.

ID: 870773

23. I mean the food can’t be that good.

ID: 870827

24. Just be like,

ID: 870737

25. And then when, you get home you can tell your friends:

ID: 870734

26. But really, don’t sweat being single too much. In the end,

ID: 870751

27. And even though you might be thinking,

ID: 870803

28. You know what?

ID: 870822

29. Because one day you’ll meet a nice guy and he’ll be like,

ID: 870750

30. And on the inside you’ll be like,

ID: 870746

33. But on the outside you’ll be like,

ID: 870825

34. To which he’ll respond, “duh.”

ID: 870769

35. And if that doesn’t happen just yet, then you can carry on living your normal life.

ID: 870767

36. So there you have it.

ID: 870826

37. Finally, if anyone’s hating on you being single, here’s what I have to say about that.

ID: 870758

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