The Harsh Truth About College

What the movies don’t tell you.

1. You get into your dream school, and you and your family are so excited. Go to college, they said. It will be fun, they said.


2. You roll up on move in day and you see your dorm room for the first time…


3. You get ready to go out to your first frat party…

4. But then you get there and everyone is like…

5. But the only guys who come up and grab you to dance (without asking) look like this…

6. So you’re just like…

Universal Pictures

And you run away…

7. You expect to take pictures with your friends that look like this.

Paramount Pictures

8. But really they end up looking more like this.

Walt Disney Pictures

9. And then before you know it, all your best girlfriends have gotten boyfriends, and you realize…

10. Soon you discover the horror of 8 a.m. classes…

11. You show up to math class and you can’t understand your professor.

12. So you go to your TA, but they’re like…

Walt Disney Pictures

13. And all of the sudden it’s time for your first exam. So you study really hard, but still feel unprepared.

14. And then you see the test.

15. You were so busy preparing for the exam that you fell behind on all your other homework.

16. But instead, you decide to go out…

17. Meanwhile, the food in the cafeteria starts to suck, and you’re sick of eating salad after salad.

18. When your parents call to check in and ask how school is going, you’re like:

19. They ask you how well you are sleeping.

20. People question you about what you plan to do with your major and tell you it’s a waste, but you’re like:

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

21. After a while, the appeal of “partying” starts to fade.

22. But you still rely on your best friend to get you through the week.

23. Then your classes seem to get even more pointless, and you wonder how this information will help your future.

24. You see relatives over the holidays and they ask you what your favorite thing is about college.

25. And then finals week starts approaching.


26. You begin preparing for the week of hell.


27. But instead of studying, you procrastinate.

28. You force yourself to study, drink too much caffeine, and sleep for five hours over a five-day period.

29. After each semester ends, you wonder what fresh hell the next semester will bring.

30. You come to the realization that everything you learned from movies and television about college was a total and complete lie.


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