12 Etsy Gifts For People You Hate

Because it’s really important that they know.

1. Keep it simple and say it with a card.

Lined with hearts to soften the blow.

ID: 1747676

2. Or rude ceramics.

Everyone has to eat.

ID: 1773026

3. Include utensils as well.

Fork you!

ID: 1773078

4. You can get really specific.

An original painting!

ID: 1766749

5. Also, cross stitching is nice.

A classic craft tested by time.

ID: 1773150

6. They can even wear it.

Close to their heart.

ID: 1773283

7. A real fashion statement.

Sterling silver!

ID: 1773306

8. Or just type it out.

Everyone likes getting postcards in the mail.

ID: 1773378

9. Then spell it out.

Journaling helps clear the mind.

ID: 1773440

10. With the proper writing implements, obviously.

Give two and keep one for yourself for future writing projects.

ID: 1773473

11. Sometimes words aren’t even necessary.

There’s no one who wouldn’t want this on their front lawn.

ID: 1773623

12. And finally…


ID: 1773535

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