45 Things You’ve Experienced Working In Retail

If you can’t buy happiness, you certainly can’t sell it.

1. You take pride in your ability to sell, sell, sell.

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2. Your greetings and salutations are cheesier than a Hallmark card.

And you’ve probably used them when answering your phone or while talking to your friends. Damn you, habits!

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3. Your bloodstream is essentially coffee.

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4. You know the real Golden Rule.

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5. A swarm of customers always seem to enter the store right as you were stepping out for a break.

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6. You’re always watching.

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7. Even the smallest tasks consume a lot of energy.

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8. Don’t even get you started on that glitchy credit card machine.

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9. You’re guilty of putting someone down because your day sucks.

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10. New products make you irrationally excited.

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11. You’ve had to babysit for parents while they shop.

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12. You’ve been filled with hope when a customer asks you to hold their items.

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13. Saturdays.

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14. You both hated that one Top 40 song, share the late shift, and are equally inappropriate…

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15. You’ve had to use every bit of energy to not harm your bossy coworker.

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16. Your relationship with the company’s tech support is thriving.

Your computer system was sent from hell to make your life much harder.

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17. You’ve had some twisted daydreams about what you would do to certain customers.

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18. You and your friends are on completely different schedules.

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19. How you feel when you greet someone and they respond with, “I’m just looking.”

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20. You end up having to do way more work than is in your job description.

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21. You know the nightmare that is window displays.

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22. You struggle during the holidays.

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23. You are terrified of pre-teens.

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24. Dealing with a difficult customer on the phone.

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25. Flood of customers, phone’s ringing, and only two people on the floor…

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26. Inventory.

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27. You can’t be won over easily.

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28. Customers have definitely mistaken you for a therapist.

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29. Customer interactions during the last hour of your shift.

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30. Your manager has called a meeting at 6 a.m.

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31. Sales.

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32. You’re sick of being asked why you’re still working in retail.

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33. You’ve agreed to cover someone’s shift only to wish you’d never been born.

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34. Staff selling competitions.

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35. There are some customer messes that can’t be cleaned.

And they will forever be burned into your night terrors.

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36. You’re not above breaking your phone in order to avoid being called into work on your day off.

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37. You’ve really had the practice your smile.

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38. Trying to text without your boss seeing you.

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39. You know the customer is most certainly not always right.

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40. Nailing the up sell.

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41. Your typical lunch break.

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42. Dealing with drunk customers.

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43. You hold a grudge when a customer minimizes your average transaction.

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44. Organizing the back room is both infuriating and dangerous.

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45. Your outlook on life after working in retail.

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