21 Ways You Are Definitely Leslie Knope

From waffles to work to winning, you’re pretty much a boss.

1. You stand firm in your beliefs.

ID: 1632793

2. You have your priorities straight.

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3. And you’re a workaholic.

ID: 1632796

4. Sometimes you’re a little bit dramatic.

ID: 1632800

5. But let’s admit it, you’re pretty adorable.

ID: 1632802

6. You’re strong and can handle anything.

ID: 1632809

7. Except maybe your alcohol.

ID: 1632813

8. You love yourself.

ID: 1632819

9. But you would do anything for your friends.

ID: 1632823

10. You don’t understand foolish people.

ID: 1632825

11. You’re a problem solver.

ID: 1632830

12. But even you sometimes need a little reassurance.

ID: 1632834

13. With guys, things normally go like this.

ID: 1632847

14. But occasionally, it goes like this.

ID: 1632853

15. And when it does, you do something along these lines.

ID: 1632861

16. But in the end, you have one true love.

ID: 1632863

17. You’ve got a few enemies.

ID: 1632864

18. But hell hath no fury like you scorned.

ID: 1632866

19. Oh yeah, you’re type A.

ID: 1632876

20. But you keep it real.

ID: 1632879

21. And all you do is win.

ID: 1632881

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