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Here’s Why Dax Shepard’s Trans Rights Comments To Jonathan Van Ness Are So Damaging

"I could just cry because I'm so tired of having to fight for little kids because they just want to be included. I wish that people were as passionate about little kids being able to be included or grow up as they were about fictitious women's fairness in sports. I have to tell you, I am very tired," JVN said.

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"Their Way Of Life Is No Longer Available": People In Their 20s And 30s Are Sharing The Realities They Wish Their Parents Understood

"I wish they understood how the definition of 'success' has changed. My folks lived on one teacher's salary, bought a home and cars, raised three children, had no student loan debt, and retired at 65. That way of life is no longer available to future generations."

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Are You More Rare Or Average?

Everyone wants to be rare, but that's not reality.

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How Rare Are You?

The truth is, most of us are average Joes.

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