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Best of 2018

Can you even fathom how long 2018 was? Has it been the longest year ever? Did you realize that the Tide Pods meme, Yanny/Laurel, and Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s entire relationship all occurred in this year? I know, it’s completely insane. Because this year was so incredibly long it has led us to produce a bumper crop of “best of” roundups to help you cope. Our valiant, intrepid writers have done the onerous work of rounding up the funniest tweets, memes, and jokes; the biggest and best tv shows; the best movies; and biggest celebrity moments and meltdowns. In addition, we have recaps of the biggest trends of 2018 including food trends, style trends, and beauty trends. To top it all off we have some 2019 predictions for you that are sure to come 100% true.
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