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Updated on 20 Dec 2018. Posted on 19 Dec 2018

27 Photos From 2018 That Are Bloody Australian As Hell

Yeah there are at least five sausage sizzle references in here.

1. This legend of a kid had a Bunnings-themed party.

Kylie Stingers / Via

2. The local Red Cross shop had a cheap rack.

3. Someone did some rearranging at Spotlight.

Reddit: u/raccoonwhisperer / Via

4. This guy wanted to make sure his Emu Export arrived safely.

5. Some geniuses in South Australia combined a bottle-o with a chicken shop...and made it a drive-thru.

6. Someone made this touching artwork reminding us of the correct anatomy of a Bunnings snag.

Reddit: Thrashlee / Via

7. Someone got this tattoo as an ode to an Australian icon.

Reddit: SheepdogFC / Via

8. And Pringles immortalised it as a flavour.

u/CRTL_ZER0_ / Via

9. Coles started selling a sausage roll wreath.

Reddit: brightpurpleeyes / Via

10. We were blessed with Bundy rum-flavoured custard.

Reddit: u/Sproose_Moose / Via

11. And our fave pizza accompaniment became our new fave chip.

u/santuccione / Via

12. A jewellery seller made some fine Aussie pieces.

Reddit: u/purplemo / Via

13. BWS were the true winners of the year.

Reddit: Tasmaniak / Via

14. Speaking of sausages, Coles started selling Meat Pie flavour snags.

Reddit: u/Ruddigore / Via

15. This car really embraced the best things in life.

u/s13_eisbaer / Via

16. This sign told it like it is.

u/Zanekay / Via

17. This ancient relic was sold for a ~nice~ price.

Instagram: @australiahaha / Via

18. Two girls pulled a sickie but their employer let it slide.

SydneyTom / Via

19. Someone started tracking all the magpie swoops in Canberra.

tehrev / Via

20. This train was really, really late.

u/Clowniac / Via

21. Someone got a nice suprise when they ordered a dirty chai latte.

u/Gar1986 / Via

22. This letterbox became one of the most Aussie things of all time.

u/cooktaussie / Via

23. Millionaire Hot Seat introduced us all to "fully sick diamonds".

u/linco27 / Via

24. Someone was generous with their Wi-Fi.

u/bubbablush / Via

25. This vet shop made the most of current events.

u/youresuchafuckindork / Via

26. This auto-correct really nailed the Australian language.

Reddit: u/Stitta85 / Via

27. And the NSW government leaned into it as well.

u/raven_mia / Via

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