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All The Fair Dinkum Hats That Scott Morrison Has Worn Since Becoming Australian Prime Minister

Jobs and growth (in hat sales).

1. This is Australian prime minister Scott Morrison (aka ScoMo). He took on the top job in August after (another) leadership coup. And he bloody loves a cap because he's just a fair dinkum normal Aussie bloke.

2. You give him a cap, he'll whack it on.

3. A classic daggy dad cap.

4. A "Let's go Sharks" cap.

5. Strewth! A cap and a pie! How good is this!

6. Get stuffed Akubras! Get yourself a sun-smart cap to inspect a dog-proof fence (and pair it with some R.M. Williams).

7. How about a cap with the lyrics to the classic Aussie tune ''From Little Thing Big Things Grow''. An absolute banger.

8. A BBQ hat! Bunnings sanga with extra onion please!

9. A "have a go to get a go" hard hat!

10. Another hard hat to show how bloody hard he is!

11. Jobs and growth (in cap sales).

12. Make 'em hat fans when they're young and they'll wear them for life.


13. Gots to slap a cap while supporting Aussie strawberry farmers.

14. A cap for the high seas (BYO jetski)!

15. A revhead cap to cheer on the boys.

16. Bonus Bathurst hat in action on the racetrack!

Today @Mark_Skaife took us to breakneck speeds at #Bathurst1000. I'd choose this over carpool karaoke any day. #bathurst #supercars #v8supercars https://t.co/xdvVbUe3ls

17. Get yourself a cap that matches your bev. Then slam some cans.

18. A classic cap for chatting to some local legends on a bloody magnificent day in the Shire.


19. A "World Restart A Heart" hat to support the Royal Flying Doctors.

20. A royal hat.

21. Should have brought along a spare hat for Hazza!

22. The hat Mick Fanning's mum gave him.

My thank you message to @Mick_Fanning's mum.

23. Look at him having a bloody ripper of a time with this National Farmers Federation hat!

24. A chef hat! While he serves a bonza fry up for Aussie troops.

25. A HMAS Adelaide cap! Hello!

26. The Australian cricket team even gave him a hat for the coin toss! Green and gold baby!

27. Put on the NT hat Scott, you know you want to!


28. Happy end of 2018 hat lovers!

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